3 Ways Equinix Has Expanded Interconnection in Europe and What’s Ahead

Equinix expands continuously and carefully – to give customers the most choice of what markets they can deploy in. Our expansion activity in EMEA in the first half of 2017 is more proof of how committed we are to this strategy.

Establishing Boundary Control at the Digital Edge

Digital business, mobile computing and cloud technology have pushed much of enterprise computing outside the corporate data center, transforming what was once a single, well-defined enterprise perimeter into multiple, geographically dispersed digital edges with boundaries that must be secured.

Embracing the Digital Edge to Thrive in Asia

To respond to an evolving digital landscape, business and IT need to transform from siloed and fixed architectures to integrated and dynamic. Rather than taking everything back into core systems to be processed, organizations need to push out some of their applications and data to the network edge, and create an environment in which the data handshake is intelligent, seamless and highly available.

The Connected Car IoT/Big Data Opportunity for Automakers

The exponential growth of in-vehicle connected devices is a driving force behind automakers’ interest in collecting, storing, distributing and analyzing the volumes of diverse data sets being collected from connected car technologies (e.g., Wi-Fi, IoT, telematics).

Securing Clouds, Apps and Data Without a Performance Hit

You’ve heard it before: The corporate network perimeter has disappeared. We see this in countless ways. Organizations are collaborating and conducting digital business globally via hybrid and multicloud, and they’re interacting over social networks.

4 Things You Need to Know About Equinix in Australia

Equinix has now become an important facilitator for interconnection and digital business globally – as well as locally. And colocation from within one of our advanced Australian IBX facilities is a logical first step for a business to gain access to all key partners they need to fuel growth.

7 Things You Need to Know About Microservices

Microservices are an interesting and increasingly popular approach to the modularization of an application. However, they are not suitable for every application use case. It’s important to consider how microservices interact and interconnect with each other and other services, such as the cloud.

How Pharma Companies Can Use Interconnection to Innovate

Spending on medicine is growing rapidly, and so, too, are the pressures in the pharmaceutical industry to hold down costs, serve patients in new ways, and find actionable data in a sea of information.

9 Awesome Photos of the AM4 Launch Event in Amsterdam

Our newest IBX data center, AM4 in Amsterdam, is officially open for business. Check out these nine awesome photos of the AM4 Launch Event in Amsterdam. Enjoy!

A Company’s Culture Is Critical. Can You Define Yours?

At Equinix, our culture is who we are. It’s critical to how we hire, how we recognize and reward our employees, and how we do business. And cultivating a healthy culture may be the most important thing a company can do.