Here Come the Millennials…

Our expanding summer intern program is an important way Equinix is bringing Millennials on board. Last year, we launched the program with about 60 hires, mainly in the U.S. This year, we’re expanding to Asia-Pacific, where we’ll hire an additional 60 interns.

Hyper-Convergence Supercharges Hybrid Clouds

Hyper-convergence has nearly matched the agility and scalability of the public cloud, so the decision becomes more of a business one: Should you own or rent your infrastructure? At Equinix, we see nearly all of our Fortune 5000 customers choosing both. Being able to deploy workloads in either fashion and move them back and forth is where everyone wants to be - this is a true hybrid cloud.

451 Research Clears the Fog Around the Edge for the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is one of those disruptive technologies that, like cloud computing, is rapidly becoming a mainstream enterprise deployment. According to 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise survey, more than 40% of decision-makers in various vertical markets from IT to manufacturing have deployed or have a short- to long-term plan to deploy IoT.

Equinix Helps BlueJeans Deliver Faster On-Ramp to Video

Interconnection is powering the changing state of enterprise-grade video, and BlueJeans is finding it at Equinix. We’re helping them connect with any device and enable companies around the globe to collaborate with world-class video communications – key elements of BlueJeans’ accelerated growth plan and differentiation.

The Cloud Points Providers and Enterprises Toward an Interconnected Future

In a world of SMAC (social, mobile, analytics, cloud), fast, secure and reliable multi-cloud interconnections are becoming an absolute must for enterprises and their cloud and network service providers. That’s why to survive, cloud and network services providers and their enterprise customers must have an interconnection-first strategic mindset

Earth Day 2016: Staying Green as We Grow

The promise to be 100% clean and renewable keeps us vigilant, accountable and actively exploring new technologies and renewable energy projects. We also know that our growing buying power has the potential to influence vendors, alternative energy suppliers and even utilities towards more environmentally responsible electricity generation.

Emerging IoT Ecosystems: Matches Made in the Cloud

Many leading cloud providers and enterprises have begun offering entire IoT processing ecosystems to fulfill the gathering, transport, storage and analytical needs of just about any IoT player and developer.

Why CIOs Should Share Data Breach Info to Help Keep Everyone Safe

Threats are growing in both scope and sophistication. In its 2015 Internet Security Threat Report, Symantec estimates advanced hackers targeted 5 out of 6 large companies, a 40% increase over the prior year.

Lights, Camera, Interconnection

According to the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB), “Dynamic innovation and cutting-edge technologies are shattering the boundaries of content and opening up limitless opportunities.” And innovations such as software-defined networking (SDN) and cloud computing, are bringing new efficiencies to media creation and distribution workflow processes.

ContentBridge and Equinix Empowering the Digital Media Supply Chain

The digital media content market is rapidly expanding. By 2019, nearly a million minutes of video content will cross over IP networks every second. The stakes have never been higher for the players in the global media and entertainment (M&E) industry. However, many digital media supply chain processes are siloed between traditional and digital IT infrastructures, creating a seemingly impenetrable barrier for M&E companies looking for new ways to efficiently and cost-effectively develop media content and bring it to market more quickly.