4 Steps To Optimize Your Federal Government Data Center

Many of our government customers are eager to get out of the “data center business” and return their full attention to serving the public interest. Evolving federal data center optimization initiatives and digital mandates are driving today’s government agencies toward data center modernization, but monolithic IT infrastructures are holding them back. A consistent interconnection and data center platform can be a catalyst to not only achieve today’s IT optimization metrics, but to gear up to meet tomorrow’s increasing public demand for critical information and services.

5 Steps to Solving Latency

These game-changing results demonstrate the significant return on investment (ROI) distributing your IT architecture on a global interconnection and colocation platform like Equinix can deliver. It easily outweighs the overhead of managing multiple IT services or application instances in different locations and sets you up to achieve maximum digital business advantage.

Equinix Named as Microsoft Azure Networking MSP Inaugural Member

We are proud to announce that Equinix will be joining an elite group of trusted partners who have been named at Microsoft Inspire as the inaugural members of the Microsoft Azure Networking MSP Program.   Through this new Microsoft partner program, we will offer Microsoft Azure connectivity focused architecture consulting and optimized network planning, design and implementation services via the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.

How To Handle Key Management in Multicloud Environments

Cloud architects, who are often the nexus for critical decisions regarding data, applications, services and security, need to work closely with participants in any cloud project to determine the optimum key management strategy. This decision will be particularly important as an enterprise evolves its IT resources from an on-premises model to a widely distributed, multicloud model. A brief review of cloud evolution and the possible encryption key strategies that can be employed to highlight the pros and cons of various approaches.

Microsoft Inspire Focus: Accelerating Applications on Azure

New cloud applications and services on Microsoft Azure, such as Azure DevOps, Azure AI and Azure Blockchain Service, provide enterprises with a fast path to improved business agility, scale and competitiveness. But legacy network architectures can significantly hamper their ability to migrate workloads to Azure and experience highly performant hybrid applications.

Do You Know Where To Put Your Data?

One of the biggest decisions a business needs to make is where to put all of its data. Should you keep it on-premises, move it to cloud, or edge data centers where it is closer to users, applications and analytics? And once you’ve decided where it needs to reside, there are other questions to answer, such as: How can you move data securely between these different environments or integrate them to leverage analytics for the best possible insights?

Intelligence at the Digital Edge

Unsurprisingly, markets in Asia-Pacific are investing heavily in research and development to support the rollout of IoT. Various governments in the region, e.g. Hong Kong and Australia, are earmarking substantial amounts to build out accelerators and innovation hubs. Meanwhile, Asia-Pacific’s longstanding roots as a manufacturing hotbed have caused the region to witness the rollout of IoT firsthand in its production lines and factories, showcasing efficiencies and vertical integrations.

Network Hardware vs. NFV Deployment: How to Decide

Network architects have two options in deploying network services—network hardware and network functions virtualization (NFV). Time, topology and technical talent influence the deployment decision.

The Future of Connectography

Massive urbanization is happening worldwide. According to the 2018 United Nations World Urbanization Prospect, 55% of the global population today lives in urban areas. This is expected to increase to 68% by 2050.  By 2030, the UN predicts the world will have more than 40 megacities – a single or multiple metropolitan areas with more than 10 million inhabitants and shared infrastructure.

Content is Still King, but Interconnection Holds the Keys to the Realm

Streaming is transforming the viewing experience of sports fans – enabling access to more content, on more internet connected devices, affordably. It is also creating seismic shifts in the ecosystem that brings the coverage to them, and gives the content owners terrific bargaining power.