Artificial Intelligence-as-a-Service Can Make the Enterprise Smarter

The adoption of machine learning in the enterprise may be closer than predicted as leading cloud providers are making AI more accessible “as-a-Service” via open source platforms. According to the Financial Times, AI in the cloud is “the next great disrupter” and opens up opportunities for businesses to create powerful new AI applications fast, without building the tools, infrastructure or expertise in house.

The Internet of Things and Better BBQ

This latest installment in our “Things in the Internet of Things” series takes a look at how researchers are trying to improve BBQ with the help of IoT sensors in a 12-foot high meat smoker that pours out both smoke and data.

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A “Walk in the Woods” Helps Employees Unplug and See More Clearly    

Equinix’s first “Walk in the Woods” was last August, and it’s most recent was last month, with more planned for this summer. The program’s foundational concept is “a better me and a better we” and it aims to create healthier people who also happen to be healthier employee

Meet Equinix: Frank Amann, Global Solutions Architect, Making the Enterprise More Agile and Cloud-Connected

In this month’s “Meet Equinix” article, we’re speaking to Frank Amann, Global Solutions Architect (GSA) in Zurich, Switzerland. Frank is helping customers transform their networks to handle today’s data deluge and establish higher-performing and more flexible cloud connections.

Pokemon Go Scratching the Surface: AR/VR in the Enterprise

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have long captured the imaginations of media and entertainment consumers, which has been fully reinforced by the recent Pokemon Go phenomenon. However, their impact may be even more dramatic in the enterprise.

Making Direct Travel Connections in the Cloud

In order to take advantage of the speed and ease that a connected online travel ecosystem provides, direct, secure and reliable interconnection is the only route to take.

Watching the Fog Roll In: Network Architectures for IoT and Edge Computing

“Fog computing” is a phrase coined by Cisco in 2013 that describes a compute and network framework for supporting Internet of Things (IoT) applications, though the framework is not exclusive to IoT. There are other latency-sensitive, data-intensive applications that can leverage a fog computing architecture, such as when data triggers a local action that is time-sensitive, like when building sprinkler systems are set off by heat sensors.

Changing the Way We Collaborate With an Interconnection Oriented Architecture

As the enterprise workforce becomes more and more “borderless,” cloud-based collaboration and productivity applications are becoming more critical to enterprise success.

An Easier Cloud Migration for the Enterprise

While cloud migration has become more common, it hasn’t become worry-free. According to a survey by the Cloud Security Alliance, the biggest concern for 68% of companies moving systems of record to the cloud is the ability to enforce corporate security policies. The next biggest concern, cited by 61% of respondents, is complying with regulatory requirements.