Shorten the Distance to Drive Better Digital Business Performance

For today’s high-transaction digital businesses, shortening the distance between two endpoints requires direct, proximate connections that deliver ultra-low latency, coming in at less than 20 milliseconds. Let's take a look at how this plays out in the real-world.

Cloud Firsts in the Summer Games in Rio

For the first time, many of the Games’ IT systems are being managed in a cloud environment. Leading this transformation is Atos SE, the IT partner for the Olympics since 1992. Atos has embraced the cloud to speed competition results and other critical data to any platform, anywhere.

And Soon There Will Be Four…

As Sydney fast becomes a digital economy hotspot, and demand for colocation facilities increases locally, we’ve responded by building a fourth IBX data centre in Sydney, SY4.

Eight Tough Questions You Should Be Asking Cloud Providers

Once you get a handle on the cloud architecture and service type that best fits your requirements, you’ll need some straight answers from your cloud providers to some pretty hard questions. Here are a few to start out with.

Gartner: Why Interconnection Is the Glue for Digital Business

The ability to integrate multiple applications, data types and data sources in a secure, predictable, lower-latency fashion will spell the difference between digital business success and failure.

What’s Different About This Ring Going Around Rio?

A group of 45 Summer Games hopefuls, all sponsored by Visa, were given the wearable Visa payment ring to make purchases in and around Rio de Janeiro. The ring uses the same near-field communication (NFC) technology that enables users to make purchases with smartphones using “Pay” applications from Android, Apple or Samsung.

How You Can Tap into Cloud Cold Storage to Save Time and Money

When done right, data archiving and retrieval can save legal hassles and costs, especially when it comes to an inevitable data e-discovery. This is particularly true if you’re in a heavily regulated industry like financial services or healthcare.

Harnessing AWS to Ensure Enterprise Data Safety and Sovereignty

With huge volumes of information needing to be readily accessible to employees, customers, partners and auditors around the world, it is paramount that all organizations reconsider how they approach data security and protection when interconnecting to cloud environments.

Equinix Data Center Renovation – TY1, a new look at the old beauty

In December of last year, Equinix completed its acquisition of the leading Japanese data center provider Bit-isle and its six facilities, turning Equinix into the fourth largest data center operator in Japan.

Summer Games Spur Global Data Deluge

The Summer Games open in Rio de Janeiro today, just two years after Rio hosted the World Cup. It’s an awesome time in a country that’s growing accustomed to big events. But the digital demands that come with these events aren’t something organizers can just sit back and rely on prior experience to handle. Because each time, they grow significantly.