Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industry Players Share Visions of the Future

From advanced research to clinical studies, the pharmaceutical industry has always been driven by data. And it is clear that the delegates and the companies they represent are working hard to validate information from research centres and supplement human decision making.

How to Overcome Common Hybrid Cloud Security Issues

Planning a secure hybrid cloud infrastructure can be challenging, mainly because many enterprises don't have available staff or expertise. Look for a partner that has broad cloud expertise and experience, as well as access to a dense ecosystem of cloud and cloud security service providers that offer solutions such as Infrastructure-Protection-as-a-Service or protection against DDoS attacks.

Making the IoT Secure in an Increasingly Connected World

As the Internet of Things (IoT) expands (Gartner says there will be more than 20 billion connected devices by 2020), so do the number of devices that can conceivably be "weaponized" by hackers

Payment Companies Embracing a New Way in Digital Pay

Last month as part of the Interdependence Day speaking series, Equinix and the Business Development Institute brought together representatives of several of the ecosystems that need to collaborate to make digital payments happen.

How Interconnection Is Driving the Automotive IoT Into New Markets

To keep up with the increasing magnitude and scale of IoT data that the automotive industry is generating, companies are beginning to leverage hybrid cloud models and harness global interconnection-oriented, colocation data center platforms.

Interconnected Clouds Ensure Greater Disaster Recovery and Performance

In looking for a new home for its Silicon Valley infrastructure, Hathaway Dinwiddie wanted to leverage a more robust and reliable data center and interconnection platform than it could build on its own.

Mobile Is the Driver as Programmatic Ads Become Dominant

Consumers have long accepted that marketers are collecting data from their online lives to learn their interests and preferences, and many now expect ads geared specifically to them. So it makes sense that programmatic buying – with the fast, audience-centric approach it fosters – is completely dominating the digital display ad industry.

Data Flows: How They are Powering the Global Economy

The importance of data flows in economic growth is huge. According to Deloitte’s Bill Rabaudo, there are only four kinds of businesses that do four basic things.

Here’s What Colocation and Interconnection Looks Like in Washington, D.C.

Outside, many of our data centers are sleek and futuristic. Inside, the colors are vibrant and our lower-heat blue lighting gives off a dynamic vibe. You can see that in the shots below, from DC11 at our Ashburn campus outside Washington, D.C.

Microsoft Ignite Showcases How Hybrid Cloud Is Driving Digital Transformation

Microsoft is developing a well-rounded approach to giving its customers the intelligence they require to best manage and control Microsoft Azure and Office365 hybrid cloud platforms.