Why Partnering Is the Route to Profit in Today’s Interconnected Era

Enterprises need more points of engagement with more users, partners and providers across an ever-widening physical and logical footprint. These interconnected business models and services require secure, real-time data exchange across many participants.

How Enterprises Harness Interconnected Clouds for High Performance

One of the fastest “interconnected” regions in the world is the U.K., with 88% of U.K. companies reporting plans to deploy multi-cloud interconnection over the next five years.

What Makes Finland a Cool Data Center Destination?

It’s not surprising, considering the above, that Equinix sees the Helsinki metro as a strategic location for global Internet traffic. Recently, Equinix and Cinia installed a low-latency submarine backbone between Finland and Germany, which is further proof that Finland is now a hot property for cool data centers.

Where to Put Your Applications in the Cloud for the Best Performance

Ultimately, your choice of cloud service is extremely application dependent, so evaluate your apps and choose your cloud services carefully.

How Subsea Cable Innovation Is Meeting Surging Network Bandwidth Demand

The ongoing and massive surge in global data traffic is a well-documented trend, and it’s feeding a boom in new subsea cable construction: TeleGeography estimates that as many as 33 new systems could be launched by 2018. At Equinix, we’ve already publicly announced our involvement in 12 subsea systems, and we expect that number to grow.

How to Build Up Your IoT Security, Confidence and Trust

The ability to transparently observe, monitor and report IoT data anomalies and breaches via IoT audit points will be paramount to instill business and consumer security, confidence and trust in the Internet of Things.

How Direct Connection and Oracle Optimize Your Path to Hybrid Cloud

At Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco this week, we'll be talking with Oracle customers about how they can gain direct and secure interconnection to Oracle Cloud at Equinix and develop the hybrid cloud solutions that work for them.

How Media and Entertainment is Writing a New Script to Speed Content to Consumers

Forward-thinking M&E companies are transforming the digital production and distribution value chain using an interconnection-first strategy that moves their IT approach from siloed and fixed to integrated and dynamic.

Why the Future of Hybrid IT Is Now, and How AWS Is Shaping It

A hybrid IT model – combining corporate computing resources with cloud computing – has become the clear choice for business, and it could stay like that for a while.

Aon, GE and TIAA: 3 Key Takeaways on IT Transformation for Digital Business

Equinix customers leveraged an “interconnection-first” strategy, based on an Interconnection Oriented Architecture™ (IOA™), helped them achieve transformative digital business benefits and put three important takeaways into action.