Déjà Vu As Equinix Wins Another Telecom Asia Award

This year the awards coincided with Questex’s Telco Strategies conference, which is very much focused on “digital transformation. And as the world's largest interconnection and data center provider, Equinix is right in the middle of this global shift to the “digital economy”.

Guiding Robot Vessels Through the Internet of Things

When autonomous vehicles hit the seas, skies, or highway, they’re also moving in a very real sense through Equinix and our global Platform Equinix™, which we’ve spent 18 years and $12.5 billion building. It will be an exciting day at Equinix when the commercial generation of Sea Hunter finally launches, because we’ll be there for them.

Celebrating Award-Winning IT Transformation

We're offering our heartiest congratulations to our customer David Neitz, CDM Smith’s CIO, recipient of this year’s MIT Sloan CIO Leadership Award.

Standing Out in the Cloud

Ireland is a Tier 1 location for serving business-to-business and business-to-consumer customers. But soon, we are going to witness a massive explosion in data generated by the Internet of Everything, with predictions that 90% of this data will be data-center-to-data-center. That’s where the opportunities lie for Ireland. We have been laying the foundations for the past 60 years – now it’s time to ride the next wave of opportunity.

The Bandwidth Business Is Booming

Last week’s International Telecom Week’s (ITW) global conference was a vibrant example of how the wholesale telecommunications industry is thriving. ITW hosts industry participants from all areas of the wholesale community: Tier 1, Tier 2 and Tier 3 carriers, mobile/wireless operators, ISPs, VoIP providers and partners from the voice, data, satellite, subsea and fixed-line markets. And, with 7,000 attendees, the business networking opportunities were as plentiful as the number of people waiting in the 10-minute elevator lines.

Meet Equinix: Rodney Elder, Global Solutions Architect | Making Open Interconnection Solutions Possible

The Equinix family is made up of employees who bring a rich and diverse set of skills to help our customers solve business and technology problems with innovation solutions. This month, we turn our “Meet Equinix” spotlight on Global Solutions Architect Rodney Elder, who came into the technology industry after spending four years in the United States Air Force.

As Private Cloud Grows, Rackspace Expands Options Inside Equinix

We’re excited about this addition to the Rackspace Private Cloud OpenStack solutions offering because it allows us to expand our relationship with an industry-leading managed services provider. It also increases the options for how Equinix customers consume cloud in our facilities. And it highlights key Equinix strengths – our worldwide footprint of 145 data centers in 40 markets and access to more than 6,300 enterprises and other potential customers. With Equinix’s global reach, Rackspace can extend its award-winning managed services solutions to a broader range of markets.

How to Converse in Cloud: Making Sense of Public, Private, Hybrid and Multi-Clouds

By 2018, at least half of IT spending will be cloud based. So we thought that the second article in our “How to Converse in Cloud” series should tackle cloud terms widely used, but often misunderstood: public, private, hybrid and multi-cloud.

Wind … The West Texas Bumper Crop Equinix Is Helping to Harvest

In April 2015, Equinix announced a long-term commitment to use 100% clean and renewable energy for our global data center platform. To help us achieve that goal, we entered into a power purchase agreement (PPA) with Invenergy to buy 100 megawatts (MW) of capacity from the 150-turbine Wake project. That is about 40% of the electricity generated from the array of 265-foot tall turbines being constructed here.

Wanted: Cloud Expertise

IT organizations can harness expert professional services and cloud deployment expertise under “one roof.” And they can access vendor-neutral cloud and network ecosystems that will help expedite cloud adoption while lowering risks and costs.