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E3 2017: Keeping Gamers and Games Connected for the Win

The E3 2017 Electronic Entertainment Expo has become a "virtual" spectacle. Its online interactions with gamers precedes the dates and…

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7 Bold Predictions for the Connected Enterprise

We can't predict the future of the entire IT industry, but we sit at an unusually good vantage point at Equinix to make an educated, data-driven …

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How Interconnection Increased Global Data Flows by 45X: McKinsey Reveals the Digitally Interconnected Global Economy

Enterprises worldwide are facing a massive wave of digital disruption that's causing them to rethink their current business and IT deployment …

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Meeker Internet Trends 2016: More Data, Slower Growth, Rising Millennials

In an age when a 30-second online ad is considered just way too long, Mary Meeker's massive annual report on Internet trends still manages to …

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451 Research Reports on Data Center Networking Transformation that Leverages the Cloud

Applications and data are being used and accessed via new services, including the cloud, putting more stress on current network infrastructures from …

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What Our Customers Are Telling Us – Interconnection Makes All the Difference

Nothing beats hearing input directly from your customers, especially when their company goals are in sync with yours. We found this was the case …

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