Championing Diversity in Tech in Asia-Pacific

Mary McHale

Photos of Equinix’s Eighth Data Center in Sydney – SY5

Glenn Uidam

The Secrets of Digital Twins for the Cities of Tomorrow

Urban planning, or city design, has been around as long as cities have been in existence. When city populations expand, planning becomes a necessity …

Nicholas Hollings

Digital Transformation is Creating Smart Healthcare

Technology has already delivered impressive improvements to the way in which healthcare is delivered in Australia - but the opportunity to do more is …

Jeremy Deutsch

The Truth About What Gives Australia Bite

Snakes, spiders, sharks, jellyfish, crocodiles (or Crocs as we call them). A new edition to the Crocodile Dundee movie series that turned out to …

Jeremy Deutsch

From an Idea to an Innovation Center: An Australian Story

If you build it, they will come, people have told me. In our case, the first "it" was a new subsea cable. Australia has always been a key market …

Jeremy Deutsch

How Tech-Enabled Care Will Transform Health Outcomes for Millions

As discussed in my previous blog, digital transformation is taking place in the healthcare sector. Health Tech, also known as digital healthcare, is …

Tejaswini Tilak

Improving Travel Experiences by Taking Aviation to the Digital Edge

Enter an airport and you find yourself in a hive of activity, buzzing with excitement and urgency as people rush to get away to faraway places. …

Gareth Bridges

How AI Is Transforming Healthcare

Healthcare has been around in some form or other for millennia, while artificial Intelligence (AI) has only a few decades of history behind it. Still,…

Tim Carter

Equinix Now Has 15 sites in 6 Markets Across Australia

We talk to our customers a lot and what comes through loud and clear is they want Equinix to be in more locations. We listened and have acted, …

Jeremy Deutsch