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Is Your HSM Strategy Optimal?

The growth of digital services provided by banks, card issuers, as well as an increasing number of fintech startups who are redefining payment methods…

Lance Homer

Why Encryption Key Management? HSM as a Service for Financial Services

Three significant benefits of ever-improving computing and communications resources are the wealth of financial information available to consumers, …

Barry Smith

Can Banks and Insurers Deliver on Sky-High Customer Expectations?

On a typical morning subway ride, you'll likely find commuters' heads down in their smartphones, tapping, swiping and waiting for screens to load.…

James Maudslay

Four Key Reasons Why Digital Transformation is not just a Buzz Word: Part One

Markets are ablaze with discussions on reinvention based upon the promise of digital transformation and its potential to allow for reworking of the …

Diarmid Massey

The Art of Tokenization for Secure Digital Payments

The 2018 Money 20/20 USA conference provides annual proof of the transformations taking place in the financial industry, with payments and …

Lance Homer

Payments At The Edge: Dealing with Data in Digital Payments

Russell Poole

Will instant, secure, open and anywhere payments be the new normal in 2018?

I have read a number of predictions and top 10 lists for Asia-Pacific focusing on FinTech and global payments in 2018 from organizations like Aite…

Mary McHale

Security and Compliance are Driving Capital Markets to the Public Cloud

Capital market companies have been one of the more cautious adopters of the cloud. However, increased pressure to reduce costs, improve margins …

John Knuff

The Future of the Digital Wallet Is (Almost) Here

Digital wallet adoption is low, awareness has lagged, and people have questions about its security. None of that changes the fact that the future of …

John Knuff

How the Electronic Trading Industry Can Continue to Drive Change

The electronic trading industry is accustomed to pushing past challenges, as it did when it drove down the latency achieved during routine trades …

John Knuff