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How To Connect To The Cloud From LATAM

Gustavo Garcia

What’s Shaping EMEA’s Smart Cities? (It’s Not Just GDPR)

Cities around the world are facing enormous challenges as urbanization accelerates. Cities already consume the majority of the world's energy, water …

Nicolas Roger

3 Keys to Digital Transformation – Speed, Volume & Gravity

The digital world is a virtual reflection of the physical world that is growing more sophisticated over time. Traditionally, organizations have …

Pragnesh Panchal

How to Converse in Cloud: Cloud Radio Access Networks

Today marks the first public availability of Verizon's first 5G ultra-wideband, mobile-enabled cities - Chicago and Minneapolis - with plans to expand…

Ryan Mallory

Deploying Access Control and Segmentation for Greater Security at the Edge

Digital transformation is flipping IT architectures inside out, as data and content move from the private, centralized cloud and on-premises data …

Vaughn Eisler and Guido Coenders

Deploying Predictive Algorithmic Services for Greater Insights

In our previous blog article on "Developing a Successful End-to-End Complex Event Processing (CEP) Strategy," we discussed how to use an …

Herbert Preuss

Developing a Successful End-to-End Complex Event Processing Strategy

Complex event processing (CEP) is a method of synthesizing data from multiple sources so businesses can extract meaningful patterns or trends …

Bob Goban

How to Scale Your Distributed Application Coordination and Configuration at the Edge

Digital transformation is affecting where and how applications and their supporting services (e.g., orchestration, performance optimization, …

Ana Maria Ordonez

How Messaging Services Can Accelerate Your Application Flows at the Edge

In order to move at the speed and scale of the digital economy, businesses are rapidly transitioning their applications away from monolithic, …

Carlos Arevalo

Taking the Grand Internet Exchange Tour

Here at Equinix, we have been deeply involved in the world of internet peering and internet exchanges since the birth of our company nearly 20 …

Brenden Rawle