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The Future of: Has the Age of Drones (Finally) Arrived?

Kaladhar Voruganti

5G, and the Future of Service Delivery

For so long, 5G has been a far-off concept, surrounded by buzz words and quite frankly, confusion. Now, we're beginning to move beyond the hype, …

Brenden Rawle

4 Best Engineering Practices in Celebration of the Global Day of the Engineer

As I celebrate today's "Global Day of the Engineer," I find myself reflecting on my 25 years working as a software engineer in Silicon Valley at …

Yun Freund

Equinix to Pilot AI Internet of Forests

If you thought Equinix was just about data centers, think again. More than 20 years ago, we were founded on a vision of enabling the …

April Hood-Wink

10 Ways Equinix is Advancing Responsible Water Consumption

Water is essential to life. It covers 71% of the earth's surface, mostly in seas and oceans, and it plays a vital role in the world economy. Many …

Raouf Abdel, EVP of Global Operations, Equinix

Equinix Congratulates 2018 Partner Award Winners

"Two heads are better than one," is a saying recognized in most cultures around the world because the meaning is simple - two can accomplish more …

Greg Adgate

Data Gravity and Cloud Security

The world creates a massive volume of data, increasing proportions of which are being stored in the cloud due to its economic and operational …

Lance Weaver

Networking for Nerds: Deconstructing Interconnection to the Cloud

Connecting to the cloud via a private interconnection can be confusing, but it doesn't have to be. In this blog, we will simplify the solution by …

Brad Gregory

From an Idea to an Innovation Center: An Australian Story

If you build it, they will come, people have told me. In our case, the first "it" was a new subsea cable. Australia has always been a key market …

Jeremy Deutsch

A Single Solution for Network Optimization and Multicloud Agility

As companies step up to the challenges of digital transformation, they often set aside time and resources to improve their existing IT infrastructures…

Nathan Record