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The Future of 5G: What Will the Impact Be?

If there is one thing living in this accelerating digital world has taught us it is that speed is everything. Innovation in global data transmission …

Simon Lockington

A Practical Guide to Artificial Intelligence for the Data Center

The data center landscape is undergoing radical changes. To compete in this rapidly evolving digital economy, organizations are moving workloads to …

David Hall

Paving a Path to the Promise of 5G

Jim Poole

Will instant, secure, open and anywhere payments be the new normal in 2018?

I have read a number of predictions and top 10 lists for Asia-Pacific focusing on FinTech and global payments in 2018 from organizations like Aite…

Mary McHale

Planning for the IoT: How the right upfront decisions can mean better performance, scalability and security

Internet of Things (IoT) applications seem to be hot on the enterprise wish list. Businesses want to increase customer engagement, gather useful …

Chiaren Cushing

Mobile Is Set to Increase the Big Data Landscape

At Mobile World Congress 2017 there is a lot of buzz around the massive amounts and types of data that mobile devices will be adding to the deluge…

Lance Weaver

Where Connected Cars Are Headed – Fast

It's a busy time if you're an evangelist for the automobile's connected future. The auto industry is gathering at the North American Auto Show …

Jim Poole

What’s the Future of the IoT?

The annual Consumer Electronics Show that wrapped up in Las Vegas last week is widely known by its initials, CES, but suggests the 2017 …

Chiaren Cushing

The IoT (R)Evolution – 2017 Connected Enterprise Prediction #7

The Internet of Things has been "the next big thing" for several years now. That's not because it's failing to live up to the hype. It's because …

Jim Poole

Digital Payments, PayPal, and Why the Industry Is Only Getting More Interesting

For those of us immersed in the digital payments industry, how people pay for things is often far more intriguing than what they're actually …

John Knuff