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The Balance Between Data Security and Digital Transformation

What was physical is rapidly becoming digital, as every industry undergoes a digital transformation. Digital wallets, with details about your …

Lance Weaver

Data Privacy Day: 3 Trends to Watch

Today is Data Privacy Day, an international awareness day held annually on January 28 to promote the importance of respecting privacy, safeguarding …

Lance Weaver

Equinix SmartKey supports encryption key management best practices that are needed for enterprises using multicloud environments.

Encryption Key Management Best Practices

Data encryption is the bedrock of cybersecurity. Encrypted data remains worthless ciphertext without access to encryption keys; hardware security …

Imam Sheikh

Data Breaches and Penalties

In the continuing assault on data, there's little relief in sight. For instance, Ponemon's Cost of a Data Breach study calculates the global average …

Kim Chen Bock

5 IT Predictions for Digital Business in 2019

Brian Lillie

Equinix and F5 Networks Deliver Automated HSM as a Service

Together, Equinix and F5 Networks have delivered flexible, programmable technologies that create new hybrid IT environments without compromising …

Vaughn Eisler & Cyrus A. Rafii

Diminishing the Pain of Encryption Key Management

You're not alone in feeling the ever-increasing pressure of managing encryption keys in cloud environments. Several factors cause this pain: the …

Imam Sheikh

Improve Cloud Security Management with a Cloud-Based HSM

When we talk to companies around the world, a common topic of discussion is the transformational nature of cloud technologies. In a very short …

Lance Weaver

Simplifying Data Sovereignty with Cloud-Based Key Management

Recent technological advances, such as the advent of the cloud and improvements in the areas of global communications, commodity storage and …

Kim Chen Bock

Fulfill GDPR Personal Data Requirements with HSM as a Service

You've been hearing about it everywhere, and now the deadline is looming: on May 25, 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will come…

Kim Chen Bock