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Join Us at Google Cloud Next ’19! April 9 – 11, Moscone Convention Center

Equinix is excited to be a sponsor of Google Cloud Next '19, taking place April 9 - 11 at the Moscone Convention Center in beautiful San …

Equinix Editor

Achieving Multicloud Private Connectivity to Cloud Providers

Two of the most powerful technology advancements in the past decade are mobile and cloud computing. Mobile puts more processing and communications …

John Hanahan

Equinix SmartKey supports encryption key management best practices that are needed for enterprises using multicloud environments.

Encryption Key Management Best Practices

Data encryption is the bedrock of cybersecurity. Encrypted data remains worthless ciphertext without access to encryption keys; hardware security …

Imam Sheikh

5 IT Predictions for Digital Business in 2019

Brian Lillie

Good MANRS for Secure Internet Peering

The internet is under constant attack from many directions and that's increasing every day. The Internet Society recognizes this reality and is in…

Greg Dendy and Rupinder Randhawa

20 Years of Putting “Customer-First” Into Action

At Equinix, we've been dreaming about what digital business can be for 20 years, and our customers have been driving those ambitions since Day …

Laura Ortman

How NFV and Interconnection Can Help You Think Outside the “Box”

This post originally appeared in Network World on 04/03/18. Networking used to be all about specialized "boxes," but that era is fading fast. By…

Jim Poole

The Future of AI, IoT, VR/AR is Coming Faster Than Ever. Why?

 This article originally appeared in Network World on January 25, 2018. The science behind a lot of today's hottest technology is actually pretty …

Jim Poole

Davos 2018: The UK’s Artificial Intelligence Future

At the World Economic Forum (WEF) in Davos a few weeks ago, UK Prime Minster, Theresa May delivered a confident speech on the advancement of …

Russell Poole

Digital Is Reshaping Global Trade With New Speed, Insight, Reach

From the Silk Road to the Spice Route, trade routes have linked continents, spanned the oceans and reshaped the world over water and air, rail and…

Sara Baack