The Platform Effect

By Jarrett Appleby

Apple has one. So does IBM. Google? Check. Oracle? Absolutely.

Some of the biggest names in high-tech have what’s known as a “platform” strategy. You should develop your “platform strategy” for your business to support the new Digital Economy.

A 2010 Gartner whitepaper titled “Hyperdigitization Creates Major Opportunity for IT Services Providers” states “A platform effect will help accelerate growth, as the use of existing services such as application ecosystems or electronic channels to market assist new providers innovate and bring new services to market more quickly, with lower startup costs and reduced risk.”

In a more recent article for the New York Times, Steve Lohr writes, “The combination of a hardware, software and services is what corporate executives, economists and analysts call a platform. Successful technology platforms sustain and reinforce growth. And this self-reinforcing cycle is known as the network effect.”

In the past decade, Equinix has built – organically and through acquisition – a “platform” of 90+ network neutral data centers that stretch across five continents and 35 strategic markets.

A visual representation of Platform Equinix

Simply put, the role of the data center for our customers is evolving. Why? How? I got a chance to explain in a videotaped interview at PTC11 in Honolulu earlier this year.

The Changing Face of the Data Center from ptctv on Vimeo.

For more information about “Platform Equinix” feel free to check out our corporate website. I’m also more than happy to respond to any of your comments and/or questions on the blog.