Key Takeaways of Internet Application Performance

By Chris Sharp, Jon Lin, and Chris Hunsaker (part 5 of a 5-part series)

How difficult is it to implement the architecture we tested?

Amazingly simple.

As our collective blog posts clearly demonstrate, where you locate your infrastructure plays a huge role in how well your site or application performs. Without any software or server optimization, we were able to obtain significant improvements in performance by leveraging Equinix as a global interconnection hub.

This represents a tremendous ROI compared to expensive software engineering efforts or infrastructure overhauls. By leveraging Platform Equinix, you can increase the performance of your site by 15 – 20% and increase availability and predictability without having to redo any software or hardware.

As studies have shown, performance is critical to the end user experience.

A recent survey by Equation Research showed many consumers will abandon a website or company application that performs slowly :

  • Nearly one-third (32%) of consumers will start abandoning slow sites after one and five seconds
  • 39% of consumers say speed is more important than functionality for most websites, while only one in five ranked site functionality as more important
  • More than one-third (37%) of consumers said they would not return to a slow site, and 27% would likely jump to a competitor’s site.

Simply by colocating at the right data centers and being able to directly access multiple ISPs’ backbones, you can achieve the significant performance benefits that allow companies such as Microsoft to be fast for all users independent of their location.

These performance improvements translate into measurable business benefits:

  • Increased revenue for retailers
  • More page views (and ad views) for content companies
  • More satisfied customers for any type of site or application

Whether your customers are regional or global, Equinix has data center services in the right locations to help you dramatically improve application performance to end users.

Download the whitepaper: Optimizing Internet Application Performance