Cloud Computing: Top Priorities and Concerns

Vince DiMemmo

By Vince DiMemmo (Part 3 of a 4-part series)

Private clouds and business applications are top of the agenda for enterprises

The primary interest of enterprise respondents is the deployment of private clouds.

This is an expected response by 23% of respondents where privacy of cloud services are of importance.

But whilst we see that 39% of respondents are also interested in supporting IT services (servers, monitoring etc.), a revealing 14% of respondents gave Cloud Middleware as a primary interest.

We see this as indicative of enterprise respondents taking a more serious view of cloud offerings, and are pondering the difficulty of integrating cloud based services into their hetrogeneous application estates.

Of business applications, accounting and financial support systems have toppled the traditionally popular CRM system as a key business cloud application. A telling response that further shows that enterprise is becoming more comfortable with issues such as data security and location of their business information.

Security concerns are still present, but more progressive concerns show enterprise is increasingly engaging with cloud

It is not surprising that 34% of respondents answered that data security is a priority when questioned over their cloud concerns with respect to security; however our results show that enterprise has interoperability at the top of its list too.

Going beyond concerns such as ‘where is my data’ and ‘who can access my data’, the survey shows that enterprise has a growing understanding of how to deal with the risks of cloud data location and encryption, and is looking now for solutions to practical problems associated with living in the clouds.

Issues such as single-sign-on, virtual machine mobility, and cloud service integration show cloud projects are happening and that cloud services are forming a key part of the enterprise IT landscape.

Network performance is the predominant concern of enterprise class cloud users

Mirroring a top concern of cloud providers, enterprises are hot on any factor that will affect the end-user experience. With 32% of respondents citing network related issues (latency and congestion) as a key concern.

We predict that an increasing emphasis will be placed on guaranteed network resources as the virtual server performance of business applications outstrips the ability of the network that supports it.

Users of cloud services are increasingly being affected by unpredictable overall performance.

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