Equinix’s Web Enablement Strategy at a Glance

Kirk Felbinger

By Kirk Felbinger

Equinix is transforming its online presence for our customers. This is a top development priority and strategy that we refer to as the Web Enablement of Platform Equinix.

We’re striving to put the customer first by focusing on user-centered design and development. We are creating three intentional and differentiated web experiences for the customer:

  1. Customer Portal
  2. Marketplace
  3. Developer Platform

Together, they form a global suite of self-service web sites where customers can take full advantage of leveraging Platform Equinix to grow their businesses.

Equinix's web enablement strategy will allow customers to leverage Platform Equinix and grow their businesses.

Customer Portal

The Customer Portal experience is designed for customers of Equinix. It’s all about optimizing customers’ satisfaction with Equinix.

We implemented a streamlined experience that lets customers log in anytime to quickly find information or transact requests and get on with their day without wasting time.

Available 24/7, the site has been localized to support five languages, ensuring a uniquely consistent global experience.

A personalized homepage dashboard shows customers the status of their recent activities at a glance, and their installed base inventory and financial statements are just a click away. Customers can order and schedule all common services, including Cross Connects, Smart Hands, Shipments and Site Visits, from one convenient online destination.

In addition, the Customer Portal provides single sign-on capabilities and high performance while giving customers the ability to easily manage user permissions and add users from within their organization.


The Marketplace experience is designed for customers as buyers and sellers of each other’s products and services.

We designed it to easily find what, who and where to connect to on a customer-to-customer basis.

By creating gateways to new market opportunities, we can help accelerate customers’ time to revenue and lower the barriers to entry in new markets.

We envision a global, visible network effect for interconnection. Customers can search and discover products and services across all verticals, metros, IBXs and providers globally.

Customers can also publish storefront content and promote their products and services. Buyers can ping sellers, making connections and partnerships. The Marketplace targets a worldwide audience and provides a localized user experience in six languages, resulting in a global reach for all participants.

The Marketplace experience includes the Equinix Marketplace and global directory as well our Equinix Carrier Ethernet Exchange and Internet Exchange sites.

Developer Platform

This experience is designed for the customer as a developer of the customer’s own internal applications and tools.

We envision an inventory of web services and APIs that Equinix customers can integrate into their own web experiences. A developer toolkit, along with “how-to” resources, will allow Equinix customers to easily implement cost-saving and productivity-increasing applications.

By delivering these three intentional web experiences, built on a single best-in-class web application infrastructure, Equinix is aiming to provide a consistent and differentiated collection of online resources that will help our customers succeed while discovering new opportunities in a constantly-evolving technological climate.

Kirk Felbinger
Kirk Felbinger Senior Director, Global Product Management, Development and Digital Experience