The Building Blocks of Platform Equinix

By Jarrett Appleby

In the business world of Equinix, we have our own language, vernacular, acronyms, etc. The term “Platform Equinix” is part of our vocabulary, it’s second nature to our employees.

But what does it mean to our customers and why should they care about it?

Well, at a very high level, Platform Equinix really offers our customers the ability to leverage a globally consistent infrastructure of data center services around the world to support their customer base and to support their employees.

It gives our customers a common framework so they can access a lot of network choices. Platform Equinix offers customers a lot of flexibility in terms of providers, in terms of supporting their networking requirements.

It also provides customers a lot of choices in terms of services they can buy very easily within Equinix’s data centers… to connect to them and have multiple choices for applications or security or storage or building blocks to support their business. And it also supports a very efficient way to provide an amazing customer experience so customers can easily order in a very consistent way and provide services to their employee or customer base.

A visual representation of Platform Equinix


Top 3 Benefits of Platform Equinix

I’m often asked what are the top three benefits. I think number one is global. Most operations today have to operate in multi-regional market environments, whether you’re operating across North America or whether you’re trying to serve clients on a worldwide basis. Everything in the digital economy relies on the ability to leverage data center infrastructure on a consistent, highly reliable, and scalable basis. So number one is global consistency, and there’s probably about 35 to 50 markets that matter.

Number two is around the network. Again, the digital economy is really built on leveraging the Internet, leveraging networks. Whether it’s private network solutions or leveraging mobile solutions, we operate in an interconnected world and you need to be able to leverage network connectivity services, so that’s the second building block.

And third, the data center is really becoming a revenue center. This is where people buy and sell services to each other, and you’ve got to be able to leverage a digital marketplace, to take advantage of those assets.

To summarize, they would be:

1. data center infrastructure for the platform

2. network connectivity services

3. a marketplace in the digital economy

Next Week: What Platform Equinix means to key vertical markets and the benefits of the ecosystem.