New Marketplace Makes It Easier for Buyers and Sellers to Find Each Other

By Jarrett Appleby

As many of our current customers and partners know, Equinix has been on a journey, an evolution over the last year since we announced Platform Equinix.

Platform Equinix represents the power of the company and the communities that we serve.

At the foundation level there are three basic elements of the platform that we talk about.

One is the underlying data center services and the consistency of the nearly 100 data centers Equinix has around the world. So that’s the foundation.

At the next layer, we’ve talked a lot about global choice and connectivity options that are provided on the platform around the world and that’s another foundational element.

And the third element is ecosystems… and what they mean for our customers.

What Does Ecosystem Mean in This Context?

Ecosystems highlight the power of the community.

For example, if you’re one of Equinix’s financial services customers, we want to enable you to deal with your partners and customers and suppliers.

They can help you provide a unique solution anywhere in the world. We want you to be able to create and leverage a community that provides the most value to you and your compan.

Equinix created ecosystems and specific verticals starting with the network community and financial services, then content and digital media, now it’s cloud and IT services and mobility.

The true power of a platform is to enable our customers and give them the ability to create their own communities and ecosystems of partners in this digital economy.

The Foundation of Ecosystems

It starts with what we’re calling Marketplace and we announced that on October 24th.

Marketplace is an online destination where you can buy and sell services, it’s to advertise and promote thousands of store fronts for Equinix’s customers to help them sell products and services.

You get choice, there’s a lot of choice in Marketplace and a lot of flexibility in the types of solutions that you need. So ecosystems start with Marketplace.

A visual representation of Platform Equinix


At the next layer, it’s all about knowing who’s “in” the Marketplace.

We’ll be running a campaign to really promote who are the thought leaders, the business leaders on a worldwide basis who are leveraging the platform, we’ll share best practices in this new digital world, and how can you take advantage of what other best-of-breed providers are doing. So we want to promote in this “in” campaign, to plug who’s “in.”

There will be fellow Equinix customers you can emulate, there are other businesses you can partner with to really represent the power of the ecosystem, to make it real.

The real value is we have all this flexibility on Platform Equinix. How do you make it valuable to you, the customer?

We’ll be giving you examples but the beauty of being “in” is you can create your own platform, you can customize it, you can modify it, you can globalize it, you can scale it, and you always have that underlying high-availability data center infrastructure platform.

You always know you have network choice and 675 carriers around the world.

You have all these services to choose from, so that’s the power of being “in.”

A Win-Win for Customers

Our customers see it as real advantage, it’s really elevating. We’ve been asked a lot more to step up and provide a platform, a choice for our customers to give them the flexibility and availability that they’re looking for, and this is the first place you can look and you know you’re going to have best-of-breed partners.

Even the initial drive will be largely around creating a place where you can sell your services and buyers know that they can get the best partners right there. You’re just a cross connect away from buying their capabilities.

There’s only one platform provider with this capability in the world, and it took Equinix years to build it as a company and build on all the success in the roots here.

We have over 4,000 customers and partners who are part of being “in.” It’s not about us, it’s what we enable. It’s all about the community that we can enable to do business together, and this is the easiest place around the world to support your business anywhere in the world.

We’re rolling it out to make our customers understand who’s “in” and what capabilities are on tap. We’ll be launching a mobile app in November. Take a look at it, see who’s in, see who’s leveraging it, see what you can get out of it, ask questions and make it more valuable.

For those of you who are thinking about selling services, this is the number one place in the world that you can do that. Look at Equinix’s Marketplace as the first stop to get a return on deploying and selling your services.