New Global Marketplace Makes It Easier for Buyers and Sellers to Find Each Other

By Jarrett Appleby

As many of our current customers and partners know, Equinix has been on a journey over the last year since we announced Platform Equinix.

Platform Equinix represents the power of the company and the communities that we serve.

There are three basic elements that make up Platform Equinix.

    1. The first are data center services and the performance of the 99 data centers Equinix has around the world. So that’s the foundation for everything we do.


  • At the next layer, we offer global choice of over 680 networks that are available across the global platform.



  • The third element is ecosystems… and what they mean for our customers’ doing business in the digital economy.



A visual representation of Platform Equinix


What is an Ecosystem on Platform Equinix?

Ecosystems are digital communities that benefit from being in close proximity to one another in order to establish private connections.

For example, if you’re an Equinix customer in financial services, we enable you to connect directly with key ecosystem partners and customers through access to leading electronic trading venues and information providers to meet your business objectives.

We can provide this solution seamlessly around the world, which presents a unique opportunity for businesses as they scale globally.

Equinix focuses on vertical ecosystems including the network community, which supports the global internet, as well as ecosystems within financial services, content and digital media, mobile data and cloud and IT services..

According to Ovum, “The data center is at the heart of cloud computing, without carrier neutral data centers and a place to build Internet exchanges, the Internet, private networks, and cloud computing probably would not exist in their current form.”

Enabling Digital Ecosystems with Equinix Marketplace

Today we announced the Equinix Marketplace.

Equinix Marketplace is an online destination where Equinix customers can buy and sell services and discover important ecosystem members with whom they wish to connect.

Equinix has enabled connections between customers for many years, but it was more difficult for them to see all of the partners, suppliers and customers present in every IBX. By creating a custom profile or storefront in the Equinix Marketplace sellers of services can drive revenue by promoting their products to other members of Platform Equinix.

Buyers, on the other hand, can quickly locate desired services in target data center locations from various suppliers. Examples of companies initially participating in the Equinix Marketplace include Verizon, Ingram Micro, Syniverse, GoGrid and more.

AboveNet was one of the first companies to join the Equinix Marketplace

We have over 4,000 customers who have the opportunity to participate in the Equinix Marketplace.

The goal is to provide a place where digital communities of interest can do business together, leveraging Equinix as the common platform anywhere in the world.

For those of you who are thinking about selling services, consider the Equinix Marketplace as your first stop to generating revenue by providing value added solutions to your partners and customers.

The network ecosystem inside Equinix is a $5B marketplace … very compelling!

Next week we’ll be kicking off a global brand awareness effort to promote our customers – the thought leaders who are leveraging Platform Equinix and using Marketplace to enable their business.

We’ll share best practices in this new digital world, and how businesses may take advantage of what other best-of-breed providers are accomplishing by locating critical digital infrastructure inside Equinix.

Are you in?

Watch a video demonstration of Equinix’s Marketplace