Equinix’s Marketplace Offers Customers Competitive Advantage and Lead Generation

Kirk Felbinger

By Kirk Felbinger

Equinix recently launched the Marketplace… an online community where any of our customers inside an IBX data center can showcase products and services for both selling and buying.

The feedback to date has been outstanding because our customers recognize this is a unique opportunity to find out who their neighbors are in Platform Equinix while identifying who could be their most valuable partners.

GoGrid, a cloud services company, and AboveNet, a high bandwidth connectivity provider, were among the first suppliers to join the Marketplace.

Jeff Samuels, GoGrid’s CMO, does a nice job capturing the value of the Marketplace from a seller’s perspective: “We have leveraged the data centers, global footprint, and thriving ecosystems in Platform Equinix to deliver GoGrid infrastructure services to customers all over the world. The Equinix Marketplace now gives GoGrid a unique opportunity to promote both our public and hosted private cloud services directly to service providers, financial services organizations, and enterprises in Equinix’s robust ecosystems.”

At the core, the Marketplace is all about providing a new sales and marketing channel for our customers.

When we say we want to help our customers turn their data centers into revenue centers, we mean it – the Marketplace is a tangible way to do just that.

Nick Ridolfi, senior vice president of sales for AboveNet told us ” The Equinix Marketplace provides AboveNet an additional marketing channel to reach prospective customers to deliver our low latency High Bandwidth Connectivity solutions to Equinix facilities.


Marketplace Offers Equinix Customers a Competitive Advantage

It’s a competitive advantage for both buyers and sellers because they get results faster.

For buyers, Equinix’s Marketplace shortens the supply chain – they can immediately determine what products and services are available in the regions they care about… and who has them.

And, they know they can directly connect to the providers of those products and services inside their Equinix IBX. Those services are literally just a cross-connect away.

For sellers, it’s a fantastic opportunity to market their products and services to the large set of buyers that exist within Platform Equinix globally. Today that works out to be more than 4,000 companies in nearly 100 data centers in 38 markets on five continents.

So the secret sauce is the ecosystems and interconnections found in Platform Equinix.

How to Get Started

If you’re a buyer, all you need to do is register for a Marketplace account. Once your registration is approved, you’ll be able to login.

Your company will immediately show up in a personalized dashboard where you can customize your user profile, and immediately begin browsing for specific providers, products or services, or locations.

Customized Storefronts

For sellers, a customized storefront is merely a registration away. It’s literally a showcase to market your products and services to all buyers within Platform Equinix.

All Equinix customers start with a default storefront that can be customized.

We configured it so that it takes anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour to completely customize your storefront.

That custom storefront is a micro-site of your dot-com. It has digital marketing, it has an overview of your company, your social media, etc. It has your products and services, portfolio and offerings, as well as your locations.

And prospective buyers can contact you right from inside the Marketplace via a “ping.”

Qualified Leads

Customers also have access to analytics that show who has visited their storefront, how many pings or communications they’ve received, and where they are seeing the most demand for certain products and services.

When customers set up their storefronts and market their services, they’re going get highly qualified leads. They know that the buyers inside the Marketplace want to get a product or service via an interconnection inside an Equinix data center. That’s a highly qualified lead that’s relatively easy to convert.

We believe the Marketplace offers sellers a simple solution with a very high return on investment.

And for the buyer, the ability to determine that a product or service is just a cross-connect away is a convenience that leads to faster results.

Ready to capitalize on the Marketplace? Customize your storefront today.

Kirk Felbinger
Kirk Felbinger Senior Director, Global Product Management, Development and Digital Experience