Beyond Today’s Facebook: Hyper-interconnection and the Need for Speed

By Chris Hunsaker

By now you’ve probably read about or experienced some of the latest Facebook features, including the reorganized News Feed and the Tracker.

Yet to come is the new Timeline profile redesign and new apps that will use Timeline to serve up ever more information to ever more users.

Content providers like Netflix, Spotify, Hulu, DirecTV, and many more will create these new apps to make it easier for users to share the content they are accessing and to access the content their friends are sharing.

Whether or not you like Facebook’s specific new developments, it’s important to see them in the context of a larger trend that folks at OMMA (Online Media, Marketing and Advertising) are calling “hyper-interconnection,” where more intelligent social networks will continue to enhance how people share and discover content.

As this happens, digital media will no longer be something separate sitting by itself and accessed by users as the result of a recommendation.

Instead, in a very real sense, it will become an essential part of every social conversation. And woven into the fabric of these conversations is the entire world of ads for products and services that support, enhance, and expand on the sharing experience – and engage with new consumers in a highly relevant way.

So whether you’re a provider serving up content or an advertiser planning to leverage hyper-interconnection to drive more traffic to your products and services, we believe the winners will be the companies that figure out how best to provide the kind of intense sharing experience consumers want.

To do this, you’ll need extremely fast connectivity with your content and transaction partners, with services like content delivery networks and cloud providers, and with as many networks accessed by consumers as possible.

This connectivity is the Equinix sweet spot. Inside our data centers you get direct access to more than 680 networks, more than 700 cloud and IT service providers, and more than 450 content and digital media companies, including Facebook and all of the other top social networking sites. No other data center comes close to this provider and content density.

This is also an extremely important message for traditional media companies that may be under financial pressure from the need to maintain their existing private data centers. By consolidating in Equinix facilities, they’ll do more than gain the ability to remain a major player in the era of hyper-interconnection. They can also achieve dramatic cost reductions.

If you’d like to discuss how the hyper-interconnection trend may impact your business model, or learn how Equinix can help you deliver the intense sharing experience that this trend demands, please contact Equinix and we’ll get back to you very quickly.