Video Tour of Equinix’s Newest Data Center in Tokyo

Video Tour of Equinix’s Newest Data Center in Tokyo

Tokyo is a dominant market in emerging wireless Internet access technology and networks in Asia-Pacific.

Equinix has three IBX data centers in Tokyo. They are a major peering and Internet exchange point for the Asia-Pacific region, offering diverse interconnection options through direct access to key Equinix Internet Exchange partners such as BBIX, JPIX and JPNAP.

Financial market participants, enterprises, networks, Internet content companies, and multinational corporations leverage the reliability of our robust infrastructure, low-latency access to Japan’s two largest financial exchanges – TFX and TOCOM, a growing community of international and domestic carriers, and bilingual customer support.

TY3 is our newest IBX data center to open in the Japanese market. A newly released video in English (see below) gives you an exclusive look inside TY3 and also provides an overview of the following:

  • Networks and Ecosystem
  • Security
  • Colocation Room
  • Operation and Service
  • Reliability
  • Comfort and Productivity

The video is also available in Japanese.

[flv: 542 280]

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