Enabling the Mobile Ecosystem – Platform Equinix

Eric Troyer

By Eric Troyer (Part 4 in a 4-part series)

The foundation of Platform Equinix is 99 state-of-the-art IBX® data centers-mobility centers-in 38 leading business markets across 5 continents. Each IBX is strategically located near major metropolitan areas and serves as a neutral operating location for carriers, more than 50 MNOs, and four of the five smartphone platforms. Each IBX also creates a dynamic ecosystem of service sellers and buyers that spans the entire mobile value chain. In total, Platform Equinix now connects more than 4,000 companies worldwide, including more than 690 network service providers, an array of enterprises, and social networking, digital content, cloud and financial services companies.

The number and variety of mobile service providers, enablers, and enterprises that have joined Platform Equinix has created a self-sustaining momentum of competitive advantage for all participants. For example, SEVEN Networks’ Open Channel™ mobile traffic optimization solution deployed from Platform Equinix recently received the GSMA’s 2011 Global Mobile Award for Best Mobile Technology Breakthrough. SEVEN helps carriers and handset manufacturers deliver an enhanced mobile experience through its push-based software platform and applications that deliver data to devices in a way that is network efficient. The ability to rapidly add server hardware and new deployments across Equinix’s global platform, as well as the ease of establishing new peering relationships with global content providers via the Equinix Internet Exchange, is helping SEVEN grow rapidly while making it easier for customers to deploy SEVEN’s services.

“As SEVEN has expanded and established business relationships with the mobile community, direct network connectivity has become a critical component of our infrastructure,” said Ross Bott, chief executive officer of SEVEN Networks. “We chose Equinix for its network density, wide range of services and impeccable reputation. Additionally, the power of Equinix’s global platform paired with its growing ecosystem of mobile customers ensures SEVEN can run a profitable business while pursuing new market opportunities.”

As innovators like SEVEN continue to join the ecosystem, MNOs have the ability to quickly form new partnerships and establish early-mover advantage by bringing new services to their customer base.

To thrive, the mobile industry needs to consider a fundamental architectural change that will allow MNOs to:

  • Connect directly to major sources of data, such as content, applications and cloud services
  • Connect directly to enablers of mission-critical services in a way that is massively scalable and highly available
  • Increase customer satisfaction and adoption through performance increases made possible by optimized network architecture
  • Find new lines of business through a marketplace of the most innovative companies in mobile and Internet

Approximately 14 years ago, the existing Internet infrastructure faced similar growing pains, and Platform Equinix has served as the architectural model for how peering via neutral data centers can provide unparalleled scaling of capacity for rapid growth and enable the successful scaling of broadband data services, video delivery, and cloud connectivity. Today, many of the world’s leading mobility companies are looking to Equinix to do the same for mobile data networking, helping them to achieve the capacity and rapid scaling they need while reducing long-term operating costs.