Key Questions to Ask About Green Data Centers


Part 4 in a 4-part series

When it comes to embracing green IT practices, data center customers can opt for the carrot or the stick.

The stick is that environmental factors are becoming more and more stringent. At the same time, efficiency demands are real. Legislation is driving more efficient approaches to procurement and use of computing resources, and businesses can either get ahead, or later scramble to catch up.

The carrot? Organizations that today factor green IT and energy efficiency into their purchasing decisions stand to gain greater performance, increased flexibility, and will be able to bolster their corporate social responsibility stance.

Here are questions that customers of independent data centers should be asking now:

  • Efficiency: Do a data center provider’s new (and existing) data center facilities meet the contemporary standards for green IT and energy efficiency, achieving good average PUEs?
  • Modeling: Is the data center embracing predictive modeling and sufficient numbers of analysts to maximize performance?
  • Footprint: Does the data center provider understand its carbon footprint, as well as that of its suppliers, and are both constantly improving that footprint?
  • Certifications: Are the latest green and efficiency guidelines and certifications in play?
  • Hardware: Is the data center provider collaborating with equipment manufacturers to constantly advance the state of the art, increasing performance while reducing power consumption?
  • Construction: Does the data center provider utilize sophisticated design and engineering tools to model and construct state-of-the-art facilities that incorporate as many geographically appropriate cooling techniques as possible?
  • Future-proof: In the next five to ten years, which data center provider is best positioned, via capital investments, to maximize carbon reduction, energy efficiency and cost effectiveness?
  • Global: Going forward, which single data center provider will deliver a platform with global reach (simplifying vendor management), a collaborative ecosystem (of network, service and cloud partners), as well as highly reliable, efficient and secure data centers that provide ample room for growth?

Data center providers and their customers are under the corporate social responsibility and legislative microscope for their answers to the above questions.

Who, then, can help businesses best address these challenges?

Customers require a global, neutral co-location data center operator that can best help them navigate this complex landscape, while continuing to deliver exceptional reliability, availability, customer service as well as guidance on the rapidly unfolding legal, legislative and social landscape.

Consider looking to Equinix – through the tipping point and beyond – to advance green IT and energy efficiencies. See how this is backed by Equinix’s ongoing capital investments, operational improvements, work force development and in the arenas of standards, certifications, and business results.

When going green, demand nothing less.