Equinix Investor Analyst Day 2012: Powering the Interconnected World

Equinix Investor Analyst Day 2012: Powering the Interconnected World

The Equinix executive leadership team gathered today in New York, to share the company’s vision of becoming the interconnection hub of the global digital economy. Equinix executives presented to a gathering of more than 250 industry and financial analysts at The Times Center in New York City.

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CEO Steve Smith took the lead, offering his view of the secular trends driving the business. Having joined the company five years ago when revenues were $419M, Smith has seen Equinix grow to $1.89B in 2012, with projected revenues of $3B by 2015. The consumerization of technology has positioned Equinix for continued industry growth.

The reasons?

  • The proliferation of mobile devices and the advent of social media
  • The ubiquity and astronomical growth of apps has reinvented a marketplace to the tune of $10B (and doubling annually)
  • Cloud promises a paradigm shift with IT spending by company increasing from 2 to 20% by 2015
  • Financial markets depend on electronic trading
  • Big Data grows exponentially
  • Add China, India and the emerging markets into the mix, and the equation for growth is impressive

As Smith says, “The traffic is coming.” The generation of terabits of data puts Equinix squarely in the sweet spot for growth in a re-imagined world. Data needs to be housed and connected. The implications suggest that Equinix global datacenters and interconnected platforms are the only ones that can handle this growth.

Why Equinix?

  • It is the global interconnection platform
  • It is in the lead position to monetize the opportunity
  • It is sustainably differentiated by its networked data centers, global footprint, customer ecosystems and business reputation
  • Equinix has over 700 network service providers and with the ancotel acquisition, with another 200 coming online
  • We have unmatched global scale and reach with locations in 38 major markets around the world, including the top 10 financial centers. This makes rolling out deployments simple and consistent.
  • Rich ecosystems inside our data centers – network and mobile, financial services, cloud and content – offer a diverse and interconnected customer base and give Equinix critical mass to deploy further and faster.
  • Operational excellence, reliability and a $1B strong balance sheet combine to make Equinix a trusted business partner

Equinix will not rest on its laurels. The company will continue to grow and differentiate by capitalizing on four strategic vectors:

  1. Growing and seeding new ecosystems
  2. Evolving the go-to-market revenue engine
  3. Expanding global reach and scale
  4. Optimizing capital allocation

The company is on the road to $3 billion based on consistent financial performance. Equinix is the global interconnection platform for the future. We are at the crossroads of secular trends driving traffic. We are accelerating business performance by connecting companies to their customers and platforms. We have the world’s most networked datacenters. And ultimately, we are a trusted business partner.

We will be the global interconnection platform for companies worldwide.

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