Equinix Investor Analyst Day 2012: Navigating the Cloud Jungle


Equinix GM, Chris Sharp, explains how cloud has evolved as a business model driving cost savings and revenue.

With growth of over 500% in a decade, Cloud is the most significant trend today, said Equinix GM Chris Sharp, putting the Cloud into sharp focus during his session, “Navigating the Cloud Jungle.”

Even so, only ten percent of enterprises are coming on line so far due to barriers to cloud adoption. Now that users are coming around, however, he said the barriers to entry are disappearing and the enterprise is asking, how do we adopt cloud without disrupting benefits?

Sharp was joined on stage by RightScale CEO Michael Crandell and Citrix vice president, product marketing, Cloud Platforms Group, Peder Ulander.

Equinix’s Chris Sharp (left), RightScale CEO, Michael Crandell (center) and Citrix VP Cloud Platforms Group, Peder Ulander (right) give their insights about cloud computing.

Crandell rang optimistic about Cloud growth, noting that adoption of disruptive technologies like cloud evolves over time. He made the analogy to smart phones, reminding the group that five years ago personal devices were either forbidden from the workplace entirely or required a revisiting of company policy.

“Today we are all about bring your own device,” he said, adding that Cloud is going the same way, toward “bring your own infrastructure.”

Peder Ulander commented that issues of security, control and policy have been leaders in limiting corporate wide adoption of cloud.

He suggested, though, that security and compliance, while very real challenges, will ultimately come around due to plain old inertia and a new way of doing things.

Looking out several years, the feeling on board was that Cloud will be the bridge between legacy and the future.

Said Crandell, “The datacenter will be the presence required to deliver the performance.”