10 Beautiful Photos of Equinix SV1 and SV5 Data Centers

10 Beautiful Photos of Equinix SV1 and SV5 Data Centers


To get you over the mid-week hump, here’s ten beautiful photos of two Equinix IBX data centers in Silicon Valley. Do you love the symphony of cables like we do?


Equinix offers state-of-the art data center facilities across the globe. Here’s the exterior of Equinix SV5.

Cable distribution occurs outside customer cages for customer security and speed of install.

Executive business facilities available to all our customers to help maintain business productivity within the data center environment.

Reliable N+1 Power redundancy keeps Equinix customers up and running.

Each Equinix IBX data center utilizes an array of security equipment, techniques and procedures to control, monitor and record access to the facility, including individual cages.

A symphony of wires.

Checking the cooling.

Equinix IBX’s offer a variety of complimentary items to help assist in your everyday cage maintenance.

Multi-tier ladder racking for efficient cable and power distribution is standard within all Equinix IBX’s.

Break time. Sorry, no Street Fighter II.


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