11 Beautiful Photos of the new Equinix MI3 IBX Data Center in the Greater Miami Area

11 Beautiful Photos of the new Equinix MI3 IBX Data Center in the Greater Miami Area

Our latest IBX data center is open and we have the first photos from inside!

Equinix is already seeing strong demand from network customers and is leveraging MI3 for fast access to Latin and South America. MI3 offers a number of benefits to customers, including direct connectivity to the leading Latin American network operators for reduced latency, and close proximity for serving Latin American markets while maintaining infrastructure within the U.S. For network customers, MI3 is a key hub for domestic and international routes, adjacent to several landing stations and offers the lowest latency route to Brazil via GlobeNet.

MI3 provides 31,300 square feet of floor space, with additional options for future expansion. Only 44 miles from Miami, the MI3 location in Boca Raton offers important geographic diversity. Located outside of the evacuation zone for up to category 5 hurricanes, MI3 is ideal for business continuity requirements.

Enjoy the photos!

Equinix offers world-class facilities for storing your data in the Greater Miami metro area.


Our biometric and security systems capture up to thirty days of high-resolution video.



Executive business facilities help you stay productive and close to your data center.


With the most advanced components in the industry, we can track actions both in and outside the IBX.


Cable infrastructure designed to accommodate all media for cage-to-cage, cage-to-carriers, and IBX-to-IBX connectivity.


State-of-the-art systems and technology provide uptime, improved efficiency and high reliability.


Highly skilled technical professionals support your interconnection and peering, delivering speed to market.





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