Study: Equinix to have Data Center on Moon by 2015

Phil Schwarzmann
Study: Equinix to have Data Center on Moon by 2015




According to a study released today from Paris-based Le Pew Research Center, Equinix will be the first data center provider to build a data center in outer space. With nearly 100 data centers in 31 markets, the study states that as the world’s leading data center company, Equinix will have an IBX built and opened on the moon by 2015.

“If Equinix’s SE3 data center in Seattle is the gateway to Asia-Pacific, and MI3 in Miami is the gateway to South America, then this data center is the gateway to Mars,” says Senior Director of Analyst Relations, Jason Starr.

“It’s one small step for data. One giant leap for data centers.”

In compliance with Equinix’s strict security and privacy measures, the study suggests the world’s IBX leader construct the data center on the dark side of the moon. Other features proposed are: lunair economizers to maintain ideal temperatures, a “Spaceman trap” for added security, and a freeze-dried ice cream bar in the customer lounge.

Starr added, “People want their data in the cloud. How about your data on the moon?”

Creating the world’s longest cross connect, Equinix has already begun to drop fiber cable from the moon to its data center in Silicon Valley. Equinix will optimize the flow of data between the two locations by bypassing risky galaxies and possible black holes. The study also points out that Equinix should have its first data center on the sun’s surface by 2020.

While the research centers dubs this data center to be named ‘AF1’, we want to know how you’d name it. Chime in on the comments below!



NOTE TO EDITORS AND LAWYERS: This is an April Fools posting and all content is fictional. 🙂


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