SFTI: Your Single Connection to Global Financial Markets

SFTI: Your Single Connection to Global Financial Markets

We’re pleased to share a guest blog post from Global Head of SFTI Infrastructure at NYSE Technologies Ian Jack.


We’ve been busy building out our Secure Financial Transaction Infrastructure® (SFTI®) network across an increasing number of Equinix data centers to offer customers secure connectivity into the financial community from anywhere in the world. There are now eight SFTI-enabled Equinix facilities in key markets around the world, allowing customers in these facilities to tap into top trading hubs across the Americas, Asia and Europe.

What does the mean for you? Well, simply put, you can cross-connect into our fully redundant multi-market network infrastructure from your existing Equinix space in New York (NY1, NY5), Chicago (CH1), London (LD4), Frankfurt (FR2), Singapore (SG1), Hong Kong (HK2) and Tokyo (TY3). We have invested in a resilient global trading backbone so you don’t have to. You can access the full range of SFTI services including low latency connectivity to matching engines for NYSE Euronext Equities and Derivatives markets housed in our Mahwah and Basildon Liquidity Centers, with the option to connect to 850 buyside and 650 sellside institutions on our global FIX Marketplace.

What’s more, you can improve your time and reduce your costs in connecting to new markets around the world. With our growing SFTI Content Community, you can benefit from turnkey access to more than 60 regional and global exchanges and markets across multiple asset classes using a single, streamlined SFTI connection.

With so much duplication and unnecessary cost remaining in the industry, SFTI is designed to help firms avoid building out multiple separate networks for trading venues. If your firm is looking to grow trading operations globally, the NYSE Technologies-Equinix partnership not only enables that but, in doing so, offers reduced connectivity costs, enhanced performance and simplified trading architecture.

We have made significant investment in the development of our global infrastructure backbone to make it more accessible and cost-effective for firms interested in multi-market access. In addition to optimized fiber routes across our regional footprint, dedicated SFTI global links provide inter-connectivity between London-New York, London-Singapore and Chicago-Tokyo at low latent speeds required for seeking liquidity between global markets.

Most recently, we partnered with Equinix to offer the lowest latency direct fiber link (one way latency of 4.15 milliseconds) between our European Liquidity Center in Basildon and the FR2 data center in Frankfurt, bringing with it opportunities for arbitrage between markets in those locations. In Tokyo, we have leveraged the Equinix International Business Exchange (IBX®) data center at TY3 to offer customers direct metro access to SFTI.

Our strategy is to be as open as possible with our technology while partnering with other leading vendors like Equinix to further enhance customer value. If there is an opportunity to take cost or friction out of the market on behalf of customers we will – that’s how we believe markets grow and evolve. If you would like to share your ideas on how we can make the SFTI network more accessible for your firm, please reach out to me at ijack@nyx.com.

If you are interested in connecting to the SFTI network, please click on the link for details of our current promotion available exclusively to Equinix customers here. You can benefit from a 10% discount on new SFTI services ordered and we will additionally waive all installation fees. Reach out to your Equinix account representative to discuss connectivity options in your region.


Ian Jack is Global Head of SFTI Infrastructure at NYSE Technologies. Follow Ian on twitter @ianjacknyx.


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