Moving Towards a More Flexible IT – Equinix at Gartner IT Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit

Moving Towards a More Flexible IT – Equinix at Gartner IT Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit

This week at the Gartner IT Infrastructure & Operations Management Summit in Orlando, I’ll be speaking to many CIOs who have one thought on their mind: how to maintain superior end-user performance expectations despite the many changes currently undergoing in the industry.

Recent studies have shown that annual global IP traffic continues to increase rapidly and will pass the remarkable zettabyte threshold by the end of 2015. The consumerization of IT is upon us as we see proliferation of internet devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets which are having a profound impact on organizations. One study indicates that more than 70 percent of internet users are expected to have 5 or more devices, resulting in 15 billion devices over the next 3-5 years.

So what does this mean for the IT department? Growing traffic, an increasingly dispersed end user base, and the proliferation of mobile devices has created a perfect storm of latency and performance issues that are simply overwhelming old deployment models.

At the conference, I’ll be speaking about IT strategies we’ve developed that utilize Platform Equinix as the foundation for a flexible, high-performance, secure and cost efficient IT solution that spans an organization’s DNA or Data management, Network optimization and Application performance (Platform Equinix DNA). This strategy helps organizations utilize Platform Equinix as the home and foundation for all mission-critical data infrastructure; optimized networks and services connectivity; and high-performance applications, cloud enablement and high QoE service delivery.

I’ll also be showcasing Network Performance Hubs (NPH) as a vital key to any flexible IT strategy. NPHs help organizations support a high-quality user experience anytime, anywhere and on any device. NPHs are built by moving common, off-the-shelf enterprise network equipment from the corporate location (offices and/or data centers) to carrier-neutral, shared data centers where the Network Service Providers (NSPs) come to peer.

NPHs in key locations transform that maze of long, expensive, bandwidth-limited circuits into an optimized regional WAN topology. Many of our customers are already using NPH to gain a simplified network architecture, better performance, lower TCO, increased capacity and reduced time to market for new services.

I am looking forward to the conference next week and expect many lively discussions as attendees from around the world gather to discuss ways on how to deliver highly available and agile services to their organizations at a faster rate with lower costs. If you plan on attending, feel free to e-mail me and share your own plans for achieving a truly flexible IT architecture.