10 Things You Didn’t Know About Equinix

Phil Schwarzmann
10 Things You Didn’t Know About Equinix


Consider yourself a data center guru? Think you know everything there is to know about data centers? Test your data center knowledge with these 10 things we bet you didn’t know about Equinix.

Check out how you scored below!


#1 – Over 90% of all Internet routes pass through Equinix data centers.

#2 – Equinix has achieved, on average, greater than 5-nines (99.999%+) of uptime reliability for the past five years across all 90+ Equinix IBX data centers worldwide.

#3 – Rackspace has chosen Equinix as a data center partner for Rackspace Cloud: Private Edition built on OpenStack.

#4 – Equinix is the world’s largest provider of carrier-neutral data center services.

#5 – Equinix is a member of The Green Grid – a global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing systems.

#6 – Through our partnership with Amazon Web Services, you can directly connect to AWS and save >50% on data transfer costs.

#7 – The Equinix New York campus is home to the world’s largest electronic trading ecosystem.

#8 – Equinix was the first data center operator in the Americas to receive the Management and Operations “Stamp of Approval” Award from the Uptime Institute. This designation recognizes Equinix for being especially proficient at addressing management risks and sustaining data center uptime.

#9 – Equinix has partnered with RightScale to deliver multi-platform cloud provisioning, governance, and management.

#10 – Equinix currently has major construction projects underway globally to expand our data center capacity in anticipation of future customer demand.

Count up how many of these facts you knew. Tell us how you scored in the comments below!

0 – 1 | You are a normal human being. Be proud.
2 – 3 | You’ve taken an Equinix tour. Did you find the restrooms just fine?
4 – 5 | Your favorite pastime is the pinball machine inside the data center break room.
6 – 7 | You haven’t seen daylight in months as you live inside an Equinix data center.
8 – 9 | You work for Equinix. And if you don’t, you should: equinix.hodesiq.com
10 | You wrote this blog post. Or you’re lying. Or most likely, both.


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