Check Out the Redesigned Equinix Customer Portal


At Equinix, we’re constantly striving to improve our customers’ experience. So when we began revamping our Equinix Customer Portal we set about to make a good tool even better.

Released yesterday, the completely redesigned portal features a new user interface, streamlined data grids, guided workflows and enhanced user management capabilities – all geared to give our customers a vastly improved and intuitive online experience.

The portal is available 24/7, so customers can log in anytime to find information about their co-located infrastructure or to request Equinix services, such as establishing cross connects with other Equinix customers at the same International Business ExchangeTM (IBX®) location or engaging our Smart Hands™ service. But the new Equinix Customer Portal isn’t only easy to use and always on, it’s also secure – we’ve built in industry-leading security features and quality management measures to protect your infrastructure. Global enterprises, financial institutions, large networks and the Internet’s foremost content companies trust us with what matters to them most-their information assets – and we earn that trust every day.

With the upgraded Equinix Customer Portal, administrators can manage IBX data center access and order permissions, as well as invite colleagues and business partners to use the portal. Adding and managing users is quick and painless, as is setting up and managing portal administrators.

But the portal isn’t just for administrators; all users can take advantage of the tool to arrange for delivery of new equipment, request temporary access to an IBX by a contractor or engineer, view and manage orders, access billing histories and invoices, view installation inventories and receive IBX incident and maintenance notifications. All of these tasks are now easier, thanks to the revamped user interface.

How do we know what our customers want? We asked. For this release of the Equinix Customer Portal we conducted workshops and surveys with many of our 80,000+ existing portal users. Armed with copious feedback and suggestions, we were able to design a customer portal that works the way our customers do.

Give this new release of the Equinix Customer Portal a try and let us know what you think. For a preview of the new user interface, take a look at our site interactive features demo.



Customer Portal Home page and main dashboard. This is where you will have a summary of all or your most important information.




A preview of the new streamlined data grids with expandable details.




The new user profile. You can manage and view all of your account details and permissions from one place.




The new user interface has more organized and manageable menus.