Equinix on Equinix: We’re Our Own Customer!




Here on InterConnections, we try to provide our readers with important insights on secular trends and their impact on Enterprise IT. This allows customers and non-customers alike to make better business decisions and to lower their costs and risk. What you may not know is we’re our own customer! Many of the solutions we recommend to our customers are ones we’ve tested and implemented ourselves.

As the world’s largest provider of carrier-neutral data center services, Equinix faces many of the same IT challenges as other global companies including increasing demand for application and network resources and the need for differentiated quality of service. Like many of you, our company continues to expand as a result of organic growth and acquisitions as well as through the development of new products and services. All of this places stress on our IT infrastructure.

So how do we deliver IT more flexibly to the business? For starters, we take advantage of emerging opportunities such as SaaS and other cloud-service offerings. This enables us to access a wide range of providers. In addition, we’re running our own WAN backbone directly out of our IBX data centers which allows us to leverage a multitude of Ethernet and other network services within them. By operating our network in this way, we’ve reduced the cost of our WAN from $327 per Mbps to $9 per Mbps while also significantly increasing bandwidth and redundancy.

By co-locating data, networks, and applications in the same data center, we’ve improved response times, optimized network traffic, and improved our overall use of our IT assets. We host all primary and failover systems within our data centers to allow for rapid expansion and business continuity while keeping costs under control.

So as you can see, we make use of our own as well as our customers’ technology to control IT and network costs and to run an effective global operation. This means we can anticipate and respond more quickly to the needs of our customers. These are just some examples of how deploying at Equinix benefits a wide range of organizations!

If you are interested in learning more about this topic, I recently conducted a webinar with featured guest, Bob Gill, research director, Virtualization and Cloud Infrastructure Group, Gartner. The webinar is entitled, “Flexible IT: How Carrier Neutral Colocation can Optimize IT Infrastructure, Improve Application Performance and Increase Business Value” and is available for download here.