11 Reasons You should be in DC11

DC11 is here. And in case you need another reason to get inside DC11, here’s eleven reasons..

1. Washington DC is the communications hub for heavily populated U.S. East Coast and European markets. DC has a population with more than 5.8 million residents in the metro region.

2. Be part of the largest Internet exchange point in North America.

3. More than 10,000 cross connects on campus creating a dynamic ecosystem of business partners, content providers, networks and Internet service providers.

4. Connections to more than 200 network carriers.

5. Washington DC is a gigh-growth area for colocation and interconnectivity. It has a high concentration of IT, telecommunications, biotechnology, federal government and international organizations in the area.

6. Connections to 140 cloud and IT service providers.

7. Colocation services offering industry- leading operational expertise, world-class physical security and compliance with government and industry standards.

8. Connections to 100 content and digital media companies.

9. DC11 is one of eight fiber-connected buildings on a single campus with more than 500,000 square feet of data center space.

10. DC11 offers state-of-the-art security meeting the most stringent requirements, including perimeter fencing around the entire campus, guard house with controlled parking entry, mantrap entry, biometric hand-reader access, 24×7 guards and recorded CCTV monitors throughout the facilities.

11. 4,000 companies have chosen Equinix. How about you?