Forging New Opportunities from Old Ideas




Business innovation can take many different forms. New products, new ways of doing things, taking the tried and true and applying it to different areas: these are have all been pathways to success for different companies. Sometimes, the market just has to catch up to the idea; something clicks, and success comes knocking.

When Citibank opened the first drive-through ATM in China six years ago, it wasn’t necessarily obvious that the market was ready. It had been less than a year since China opened its retail banking sector to non-Chinese competitors, and although Citibank had opened several ATMs, the idea of a drive-through ATM was new to China. Drive-through banking has been a part of U.S. culture for decades, but other countries, such as Switzerland, didn’t warm to the concept. Between the rising middle class and increased banking options, however, Citibank’s drive-through ATM turned out to be ahead of the curve, and several other banks followed in its wake.

Similarly, being ahead of the curve is part of Equinix’s guiding principles. At its heart, the core of the Equinix mission-providing a carrier-neutral ground to foster interconnection and performance-isn’t a new idea. People and organizations have been working to create neutral places where many entities can come together and accomplish mutual goals all throughout history, from communal childcare that frees up a village’s adults to farm to the United Nations.

With Equinix, success has come from applying an old idea in a new way. From the core idea of a neutral place where many networks come together to form an ecosystem unrestricted by carrier or company, Equinix has built a global interconnection platform of more than 95 International Business Exchange™ (IBX®) facilities, in which 4,000+ companies have colocated to build or expand their businesses.

Applying a tried-and-true idea to new situations may be risky-at least, at first-but it has been, and continues to be, the path to success for Equinix.

Photo above courtesy of catatronic