LA3 IBX Awarded Rebate for Energy Efficiency

LA3 IBX Awarded Rebate for Energy Efficiency


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Photo above (left to right): Dave Robbins, Carl Fung, Mario Lopez, Bill Maloney, Duane Mackenzie, Johnny Lopez, Lisa Cagnolatti, Mary Finn, Raouf Abdel, Michael Seikes, Bill Sewell, Tod Sword.


On Thursday August 8, one of Equinix’s Los Angeles data centers became the proud recipient of a rebate from Southern California Edison (SCE) for upgrades to the facility that helped boost energy efficiency. The rebate, which totals $1,060,000, is part of SCE’s program offered to businesses to offset capital investments that result in saving energy.

Over a year ago, Equinix presented SCE with the following plan to spend $4.2 million on energy-saving initiatives at our LA3 International Business ExchangeTM (IBX®) location that included:

• Upgrades to the chillers

• Retrofitting the air-handling units inside the colocation space to make them more efficient

• Implementing air management to minimize recirculation of hot air and minimize by-pass of cold air in the data center

We expected these three improvements to result in significant energy savings, but the results exceeded our predictions. SCE audited our energy use and determined we had saved even more energy than expected, resulting in a rebate that was tens of thousands of dollars more than anticipated.

This rebate from SCE was not the first we’ve received from a utility, and it won’t be the last. Across North America, Equinix is hard at work developing its Energy Efficiency Programs that are designed to reduce energy use and save money while delivering to customers the reliability and availability they need to run their business.

“We’re always trying to optimize our energy use – we look at many different factors and drivers,” explains Raouf Abdel, Regional Operating Chief for the Americas with Equinix. “Having efficient infrastructure is a big factor. Every year we make significant investments to make existing sites more efficient and new sites are built that way on Day 1.”