Equinix Cross-connects Hit 110,000

Equinix Cross-connects Hit 110,000




In the second quarter, Equinix reported the number of cross-connects inside our data centers topped 110,000-that averages about 25 connections per customer inside our facilities. What’s more remarkable is Equinix logged this 10% growth in cross-connects between the second quarters of 2012 and 2013 despite divesting 16 data centers (and the cross-connects inside them) in November 2012.

Equinix’s cross-connect growth shows that customers increasingly understand the benefits of connecting to customers and partners directly within our data centers. Direct connections are faster. Point-to-point connections avoid the delays inherent in proprietary extranets and carrier networks.

The Internet has certainly sped things up in general, but in so many businesses any time that can be saved should be. Financial services. Online advertising. Content distribution. Online commerce. Cloud storage. In these industries, speed often translates into competitive advantage. And though half a second may not sound like a long time, latency of 500 milliseconds per transaction adds up when daily transaction volume can be in the millions. This is where cross-connects shine, because the most dependable way to boost speed is to increase proximity between the sender and receiver of data.

More and more firms are recognizing that adding cross-connects to colocation in Equinix data centers is not only a time-saving maneuver, it’s cost-efficient and one that is easy to execute as well. Normally cross-connects can be made within 24-48 hours.

Many business ecosystems connect through cross-connects in our data centers. Our IBX facilities are vendor-and network-neutral, making us an attractive colocation option for companies seeking a broad choice of prospective connections to other companies.


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