Peer Review: Know Your IP Peer Traffic Better with the Equinix Internet Exchange Portal




This past Friday, Equinix released version 4.8 of its Internet Exchange Portal (IXP), an integrated set of tools designed to help Equinix customers find information about network peering services available at 19 Equinix Internet Exchange locations across the globe. IXP 4.8 includes several enhancements, such as:

  • An enhanced SFlow page (SFlow is a network monitoring technology)that provides maximum traffic statistics, implements a new platform for Big Data and aggregates traffic for IPv4 (the original TCP/IP network protocol) and IPv6 (the latest revision)
  • An updated Find Peers page that gives users a streamlined experience in discovering other organizations to connect with
  • An improved Aggregate Traffic by Peer page, including an updated user interface and more refined information on network traffic, such as speed and connected peers

Equinix customers can use the IXP to search for and connect to more organizations based on a number of pre-selected conditions. IXP users can also analyze data from the peer community to see what connections their peers are making, and thus find out what’s trending (or what isn’t). From a more technical standpoint, customers can use the IXP’s built-in analysis tools to examine their connections at a packet level, figuring out where latency (transmission time), jitter (variation in packet delivery) and packet loss problems are occurring and using the IXP’s library of network diagrams and technical data to determine the best solution.

The IXP is more than just a user interface. It’s the entryway for Equinix customers into the larger digital ecosystem of the Equinix Internet Exchange. For those not familiar with the term, an Internet exchange can be thought of as a network crossroads: it’s a place where Internet traffic is exchanged between Internet service providers and telecom companies. What makes the Equinix Internet Exchange special is that, unlike many Internet exchanges, Equinix has made access to its exchange points available to all types of organizations, not just communications service providers. Today, more than 750 companies connect to Equinix Internet Exchanges, including top video streaming sites, gaming platforms and cloud service providers.

The Equinix Internet Exchange helps participants lower their data transmission costs, extend the reach of their digital services through expanded network access and simplify the process for connecting to multiple partners for exchanging data traffic. Whether you’re an online behemoth, such as Facebook or Netflix, or a Web 2.0 startup with big connectivity requirements and even bigger dreams, the IXP-and through it, access to Equinix’s Internet ecosystem-is a valuable tool to make the most of your digital connections.