cnX7: Hundreds of Networks, Millions of Eyeballs


By Rory Murphy, Director Content and Digital Media, Equinix EMEA




Think out of the box: This year’s international carrier event in Frankfurt may also be a sweet spot for content and media firms.

It’s not very often you get the infinite delivery potential of the world’s leading carriers in a single room. So if your primary concern is cost-effective, low-latency content delivery based on strategic partnerships with the networks themselves, consider a visit to cnX7 in Frankfurt this autumn.

Last year this event brought together over 330 attendees from 35 countries, nearly all of them carriers. All the big names attended, and they will be there again this year. From a content and digital media perspective this represents a major opportunity to build your content in at the ground (or even subterranean!) level.

Here are a few thoughts on how you might approach the event and what you could get out of it.


1. Innovation through Interconnectivity

IP interconnectivity plays a key role in driving the emergence of next generation media enterprises. These new hyper-connected offerings are forging new partnerships and business models between medium and message, i.e. content and network, something we explored in detail with European media companies in our recent white paper. Take IPTV: Strategic partnerships with Operators can massively improve IPTV offerings. Collaboration with your network partners is a key step to delivering this and cnX7 is one of only a handful of opportunities to rough out these agreements with the full array of carriers at your fingertips.


2. Global Positioning

Online media platforms are constantly enhancing their content distribution: companies like Netflix are keen to peer with networks directly in the data centre , as discussed in a previous blog post. More broadly, inter-company collaboration is desperately needed to cater for increasing demand for content. Connectivity to storage which is located directly on top of major network backbones enables owners and managers to deliver large volumes of content at exceptional rates. Want to be where the smart content sits? Why not use the event to align your infrastructure not just now but for the years to come.


3. A Place in the Cloud

We are already seeing signs in the most developed markets of how LTE changes the way Online Video Platforms need to operate. This will increasingly involve network-to-cloud alliances at an infrastructural level (something my cloud colleagues will be looking into in more detail on this blog, later this month). Some of the more forward-looking cloud operators are likely to be at cnX7, making the event a potential sweet spot for content holders.

There’s a real opportunity for content and media businesses to gain advantage from cnX7, not least because they won’t be surrounded by the usual competition!


cnx7 – key facts

• cnX7 is being held on 14-15 October 2013 at the Klassikstadt in Frankfurt, Germany

• This year’s hosts are DE-CIX and Equinix

• cnX7 has no set agenda – it uses an array of networking tools to maximise deal-making time (followed by an excellent party in the evening)

• exhibition space is free for DE-CIX and Equinix customers

• register now at


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