Everything You Need to Know about RJ2 – Q&A with Data Center Guru Jim Farmer




Equinix and its Latin American partner ALOG have opened RJ2, a second data center in Rio de Janeiro. We recently sat down with Jim Farmer, Equinix’s Director of Marketing in the Americas, and resident data center guru, to get the lowdown on this innovative new facility.

What’s so special about this new data center in Rio de Janeiro?

Many things. First of all, the new facility – called RJ2 – is the only certified Tier III data center in the city of Rio de Janeiro. This means our Rio customers will experience unmatched reliability and uptime when they colocate with us in RJ2. And RJ2 is the biggest data center in the state of Rio, with 15,000 square meters of space. The new facility is designed for minimal water and power consumption and CO2 emissions – for example, water consumption is reduced by at least 70% thanks to a rain water harvesting system.

But one of the most interesting things about RJ2 is that it is the first Equinix data center to feature space for data center containers. Customers can equip a metal cargo shipping container with all the infrastructure they want to colocate with Equinix and ship it preconfigured to RJ2. We park the container in its designated space on campus and connect it to our data center infrastructure. This option is particularly attractive for customers looking for temporary data center facilities and for customers such as network service providers that don’t require as much power and cooling as typical Equinix customers and therefore can save money by colocating their equipment adjacent to our building.

So RJ2 is unlike any of Equinix’s 95 or so other data centers around the world?

Yes and no. Yes, because of some of the cool features I just described. But no, because customers at our new RJ2 facility will find the same globally consistent experience and high standards that they’ve come to expect from other Equinix IBX facilities. Our partner ALOG built RJ2 to Equinix’s exacting data center specifications. This means Equinix customers who colocate in RJ2 will have the same experience here that they would at AM3 in Amsterdam or TY4 in Tokyo. We pride ourselves on our globally consistent level of excellence. We think it provides peace of mind for our customers and sets us apart from the competition.

Do you expect the new IBX in Rio to draw specific types of customers?

A. We expect it will be very attractive to multinational corporations. Cloud service providers, digital media companies and the financial services industry will also likely have strong representation in RJ2.

Why did Equinix open up a new data center in Rio? Why now?

A. Both the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games will be held here, and many multinational companies are gearing up for those events by expanding their IT infrastructure in Rio. They’re investing in local data center capabilities to provide support for the significant increase in data traffic these events will create. Our data center container space at RJ2 will allow for organizations to temporarily locate infrastructure in Rio in order to satisfy these traffic peaks. And, as Brazil continues its rise as an international commercial center, we expect companies will decide it’s in their best interest to stay.