Amazon Expands AWS Offering Inside Equinix




We’re excited to announce that Amazon has expanded its AWS Direct Connect services inside Equinix.  The AWS Hosted Virtual Interface service allows our customers to easily manage traffic and data spikes with a choice of bandwidth options.  The service is available in Silicon Valley, Washington DC and London.

Cloud and network companies looking for secure access to AWS also have the option of connecting through the Equinix Ethernet Exchange. With more than eight million lit buildings in 17 markets connecting to the Equinix Ethernet Exchange, customers can leverage the density and global reach of the exchange fabric to interconnect carrier Ethernet networks with pure-play cloud companies, creating the optimal location to deploy hybrid cloud architecture.

Our announcement with AWS comes on the heels of a strategic partnership we announced with Microsoft that enables cloud connectivity to Windows Azure in key markets globally through our data centers. Equinix brought major networks together 15 years ago to help the Internet scale up to meet demand. Now, cloud companies are experiencing a similar interconnection challenge and Equinix is collaborating with leading providers to offer innovative private access services to solve this challenge. If you are a cloud service provider looking to access revenue globally, or an enterprise looking to connect to the world’s leading clouds, no data center company can help you do that faster, easier or more effectively than Equinix. If global is your goal, Equinix is your destination.

And if that wasn’t already enough, Equinix allows you to choose the best worldwide network routes with 950+ networks available, as well as access to 4,400+ potential customers for your services.

With Equinix, you can connect to top-tier clouds on the world’s leading interconnection platform.  The best of both worlds is here.

Check out Amazon’s official AWS blog for more info or visit and connect with one of our salespeople.


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