VIDEO: Validation Isn’t Just for Parking: Introducing the Equinix Solution Validation Center



Data centers today are rarely simple. Hybrid cloud architectures, AWS, WAN optimization and balancing traffic across multiple sites are just some of the complexities to consider when designing, building and deploying data centers. With so many interdependencies and moving parts, how can companies tell if their new data centers will perform as expected? Before sinking millions, if not tens of millions, of dollars rolling out new data centers, how can corporate IT departments minimize the unwanted surprises inherent in translating plans on paper to real-world deployments?

Equinix Solution Validation Centers allow companies to trial, test and measure the performance of complex data center deployments before committing to full-scale production. Each Solution Validation Center is equipped with complete technology stacks and network infrastructure, making demonstrations and tests fairly fast and easy to set up. And the services of our Solution Validation Centers are made available free of charge, once customer projects have been reviewed and cleared for testing.

Equinix has opened validation centers in eight markets worldwide, with four additional markets slated to come online in 2014. To date, Solution Validation Centers have been the proving grounds for 25 customer projects, with test deployments ranging from interconnecting private clouds to AWS to implementing NetApp storage systems across three data centers. Equinix customers can use Solution Validation Centers for the following:

  • Derive key performance metrics on infrastructure components, network links and applications
  • Test technology stacks that support private, public and hybrid cloud deployments, including IaaS, PaaS and SaaS components
  • Trial distributed data center architectures and measure their impact on IT service delivery by running simultaneous deployments in multiple Equinix Solution Validation Centers
  • Load and stress-test applications to measure how they perform when moved off legacy systems and onto new platforms
  • Experiment with techniques for overcoming technical barriers and performance bottlenecks so full-scale deployments meet business requirements and go to market with lower risks


Each test project at our Solution Validation Centers is overseen by Equinix Global Solutions Architects, each of whom have deep experience in data center and network services. Equinix solutions architects help customer optimize their data center designs to improve performance and ROI. They also help companies develop migration plans to transition from testing and analysis to full-scale production.

For more information on Equinix Solution Validation Centers, please contact the Global Solutions Architect team at