Bigfoot’s Footprint Gets Bigger: A Roundup of Equinix Data Center Openings in 2013

Bigfoot’s Footprint Gets Bigger: A Roundup of Equinix Data Center Openings in 2013


When it comes to a global footprint, Equinix is the Bigfoot of data center providers, counting more than 95 over 5 continents. That appeals to companies looking to expand the geographic reach of their IT services, since having data centers in different locations improves service reliability. Geographic proximity to business partners also enables performance-boosting decreases in network latency.

In 2013, Bigfoot’s footprint got bigger as Equinix extended its global reach by opening eight new International Business Exchange (IBX®) data centers. Highlights include IBX debuts in two countries, continued expansion into the Asia-Pacific region and a totally new way to do data centers with Equinix in Rio.

Recaps and photos of our 2013 IBX facilities follow, in no particular order, since it’s all good:

TOKYO (TY4): Equinix opened its fourth IBX data center in Tokyo to keep pace with a fast-growing customer base in the Otemachi district, home to more than 4,000 large enterprises and financial firms. But it’s not just business in Otemachi that Equinix is eyeing. The company’s $43 million investment in TY4 comes amid forecasts that Japan’s data center colocation market will reach about $6 billion in 2017.


OSAKA: Equinix’s first foray into Osaka gives customers access to the second-largest market in Japan. OS1 is located in the western Kansai region, which has a GDP of $916 billion, comparable to the GDP of South Korea. Like other Equinix facilities in earthquake-prone Japan, OS1 was designed with preventative measures to keep the power going and withstand major disruptions in the event of disaster.


SEATTLE (SE3): This new 18,000 square-foot facility increases Equinix’s presence in Seattle and highlights the city’s importance as a gateway to Asia-Pacific and home to industry giants such as Microsoft to Amazon. SE3 is adjacent to SE2, meaning it’s a cross connect away from the dense cloud and content ecosystems there.


JAKARTA (JK1): Equinix is now helping meet the demand for data center services created by Indonesia’s soaring Internet use and broad adoption of mobile devices. The need only figures to increase in a market of 250 million people in the world’s fourth most populous country.



DUBAI (DX1): Equinix’s debut in the Middle East came in Dubai, where it bought and opened a newly-built facility and is planning a $40 million investment. The investment comes as the UAE strengthens its standing as a global business center. Equinix is betting that the introduction of a reliable and resilient facility will spur growth in the Middle East region.



WASHINGTON: The most network-dense location in North America got denser with the opening of DC11 at Equinix’s Ashburn, Va., campus just outside of Washington, D.C. The Ashburn campus already hosts more than 600 companies and nearly 200 networks, and the addition of DC11 supports growth in this strategically important location. DC11 adds more than 42,000 square feet to the eight-building campus for customers to share space and interconnect.



ZURICH (ZH5): Equinix opened ZH5 in response to strong demand from a range of regional firms, including network, cloud and financial services. The facility connects to three other data centers on Equinix’s Zurich campus via a dark fiber ring. It offers connectivity to 90 network service providers, as well as the Swiss stock exchange and Switzerland’s two largest Internet exchanges.



RIO DE JANEIRO (RJ2): RJ2 may be Rio de Janiero’s second Equinix data center, but it’s the first Equinix data center there – or anywhere – to feature space for data center containers. Customers can fill a metal cargo shipping container with all the infrastructure they want to colocate with Equinix and ship it preconfigured to a designated space. It’s something that might appeal to customers looking for temporary data center facilities, maybe those headed to Rio for either the 2014 FIFA World Cup or 2016 Olympic Games.