2013: The Year of Data

Tony Simonsen
2013: The Year of Data


By Tony Simonsen, managing director, Equinix Australia




2013 was a big year for data. Not just for big data, but for all data. From governments to enterprises to consumers, the palpable effects of data demand, changes in data usage and the importance of data protection were front and center in social, political and business discourse. And, it’s only going to continue.

In Australia specifically, the data landscape transformed in 2013 by the influx of significant international data players. For example, Amazon and its cloud ecosystem, was a game changer for the region, as it paved the way for investments from Microsoft, Google and VMware.

However, in 2013, the continued rise of mobile traffic, social media penetration, cloud computing and the Internet of Things were the most prominent trends and biggest game-changers, and will continue to be, as network traffic in Australia is set to double over the next five years, according to Cisco.

In particular, cloud computing made a splash this year, as cloud solutions were adopted by over 80% of Australia’s enterprises and government institutions. Perceptions of cloud computing have also changed, as it moved from an unknown, techy concept to an essential, valuable and well-known business tool.

The steady rise of M2M and the Internet of Things were also prominent trends this year, and will have much bigger implications for data requirements in the year ahead.

While M2M only skimmed the surface in the AP region this year, it will become much more pervasive, altering the way the economy works and providing a breeding ground for new industries to develop and thrive. In fact, a recent Australia market report found that M2M devices will grow to between 25 million and 50 million by 2020. Plus, with the high adoption of Long Term Evolution (LTE) services in Australia, the region will attract more and more foreign IT based companies to take advantage of these services, enabling a new wave of M2M.

All in all, over the last twelve months, it’s been exciting to watch the adoption and explosion of cloud, big data, M2M and the Internet of Things. However, these trends will only grow in size and importance, affecting industries across the gamut – whether it be the rise of real-time fraud detection and payment services that are posed to change the electronic payments industry or the growth in real-time bidding that’s affecting the Ad-IX market.

At Equinix, we saw each of these trends first-hand, as we’ve had dozens of prominent cloud, content, mobile and financial services’ deployments in Australia and throughout the AP region this year. And now, with the continued growth of M2M, mobile, and cloud, we look forward to seeing what else 2014 will bring!