Harnessing Cloud for Digital Media Production

Rory Murphy
Harnessing Cloud for Digital Media Production


By Rory Murphy, Director Content and Digital Media, Equinix EMEA




Cloud computing has been bouncing around business boardrooms for a long time now, but the impact of cloud computing on the media industry is only just starting to rise to the forefront.

Cloud technologies are revolutionising the way that production, post production and distribution companies manage their workflow, repurpose and deliver content, providing customers with ways to work smarter, quicker and more cost-effectively.

As a result, when looking for a location to place their technology platform, more and more digital and content customers are seeking a site that enables them to connect to cloud based technology providers. Not only do these cloud companies provide customers with less CAPEX investment and greater OPEX investment, but also provide them with a degree of choice in how they use their storage and compute power. Whether that’s processing files, coding or transcoding, customers now have many more ways to do business than ever before.

One of the interesting things about cloud is that it has forced companies to look at their data centre partner in a different way. Traditionally, data centres were viewed as a great and safe place for media companies to put their infrastructure and technology platforms. However, the adoption of cloud technology has led many companies to view the data centre as a strategic enabler, providing them with a single home to all IT platforms and capabilities that they never had before.

At Equinix, we help customers across the content and digital media industry to utilise cloud based technologies by providing them with a number or ways to connect to cloud services.

Whether they need a hybrid service where they have a base within Equinix to direct connect to public cloud providers, like AWS or Microsoft Azure, or are going to use their own cloud based services for digital media like Front Porch Digital’s LINX Cloud storage solution we are able to provide a number of cloud options. At Equinix we can also provide a connection to a diverse range of network service providers, ISPs and leading carriers, all within the same physical location.

By operating within this cloud ecosystem, customers can directly link with partner companies, rather than connecting to them in multiple, disparate locations and over long distances.

Not only does this direct connectivity reduce bottlenecks for the digital media industry themselves, but crucially provides their customers with an enhanced user experience from those same improved performance levels.


Rory Murphy Senior Director, Solution Marketing for EMEA