Australia Day – Equinix Focus Is Up Down Under

Australia Day – Equinix Focus Is Up Down Under




Good times are ahead in Australia.

For Equinix, that’s because Australia is a vibrant market that seeing strong demand and new expansion. For Australians, it’s because it’s almost Australia Day.

The holiday marks the Jan. 26, 1788, arrival of a British fleet in Sydney Cove to establish a penal colony and what would eventually become a new nation. It’s the rough equivalent of the Independence Day holiday celebrated on July 4th in the U.S. – right down to the parades, picnics and baking in the sun.

Now, people around the world probably aren’t aware of the coming holiday and others may not know that much about Australia. But that’s not true at Equinix. We have three data centers in Sydney that host 450 companies and provide access to more than 120 network providers. Our expansion at the SY3 facility in Sydney is set to be completed soon, and our newly announced move into Melbourne places us in the middle of a financial and research hub. Meanwhile, Australia is also critical to the Asia-Pacific region, which is Equinix’s fastest-growing market.

Equinix got its first taste of Australia Day celebrations when SY1 opened its doors in Sydney. Our second Sydney data center (SY2) opened in 2009 and two years later, we added a third data center (SY3). Customer response at SY3 was so strong that we were able to accelerate an ongoing expansion there by six months.

Right now, our three Sydney data centers provide almost 125,000 square feet of colocation in space in the country’s top business market. We’re located near trans-oceanic cable stations, providing a quick route to global connectivity for customers inside Equinix. And Amazon Web Services Direct Connect is available in our SY3 data center, making it easy for customers to set up hybrid clouds.

In Melbourne, 375 of the 1,500 cabinets we’re planning will be available by the end of the year. That should help our customers handle projected demand that sees Australia reaching 23 million Internet users by 2017.

Equinix has gotten notice for our work in Australia and the broader Asia-Pacific market. Last year, Telecom Asia magazine named us Best Data Center Services Provider and Frost & Sullivan gave us their Asia Pacific ICT Award for Datacenter Service Provider of the Year. Frost & Sullivan has also twice given us its Australia Data Center Services Provider of the Year award.

So yeah, we love Australia, and Australia’s got love for us. Through this Australia Day and many ahead, we’re looking forward to helping the country expand its role in the digital world.


Photo courtesy of Johnny Jet


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