AT&T, Equinix Enter Alliance to Speed Cloud Service Adoption




AT&T and Equinix today announced an alliance to embed AT&T NetBond in select Equinix data centers, a move both companies believe will speed up the adoption of cloud services.

AT&T NetBond allows customers to use cloud services on their private networks, rather than rely on the public Internet. It delivers a highly secure, high performance connection and also dynamically allocates bandwidth to the network, allowing customers to use only what they need.

Equinix hosts 450 global cloud service providers inside their data centers, so embedding AT&T NetBond inside Equinix gives those providers – and their clients – a new chance to access the AT&T technology.

“The alliance lets AT&T quickly expand its portfolio of AT&T NetBond-enabled cloud services by using our position as a cloud hub,” said Pete Hayes, chief sales officer for Equinix.

The unique AT&T-Equinix pairing of two industry leaders could influence the way big companies industry-wide do business with each other. It’s also likely to have significant implications in the marketplace, which can now offer access to a large global network in a large global data center provider.

Businesses looking to move to the cloud may also see benefits from the alliance, since they’ll no longer be forced to separately patch together network and cloud services. Both the cloud services and network will come to meet them in one place, Equinix.

The companies expect AT&T NetBond to be inside Equinix data centers in the first half of this year.

The agreement with Equinix gives cloud service providers an opportunity to offer AT&T NetBond to meet the stringent security demands business customers have when they’re seeking cloud services, said Jon Summers, senior vice president growth platforms, AT&T Business Solution.

“Virtual private networking gives (business customers) better protection against Internet threats while also delivering the reliability, agility and performance they need when accessing the cloud,” Summers said.

Mike Sapien, the principal analyst for enterprise at Ovum, said the AT&T-Equinix partnership addresses concerns companies have about whether they can move securely to the cloud and should ultimately accelerate enterprise cloud adoption.

“The AT&T and Equinix alliance will boost enterprise customers’ confidence in the security, reliability and performance of the cloud,” Sapien said.