Equinix Cloud Exchange Brings New Level of Interconnection and Potential to the Cloud

Equinix Cloud Exchange Brings New Level of Interconnection and Potential to the Cloud


The key to getting the most out of the cloud is interconnection, and interconnection is what the new Equinix Cloud Exchange is all about.

Equinix launched the Cloud Exchange today. We think it makes the cloud more accessible, appealing and powerful. Simply put, the Equinix Cloud Exchange brings cloud consumers and providers together on Platform Equinix to more fully realize the promised benefits of cloud computing.

Equinix Cloud Exchange is an advanced interconnection solution that enables seamless, on-demand and direct access to multiple clouds, across multiple networks, to multiple resources, across the globe. Until now, corporate customers concerned about relying on the open internet for mission-critical business did not have a secure, reliable and scalable connectivity solution. Now enterprises can get direct access to the services they need to build sophisticated hybrid cloud solutions. And like cloud and network service providers, they can tap Equinix Cloud Exchange to extend their market reach and increase the privacy, performance and reliability of cloud service connections.


The Cloud Exchange’s direct interconnection capabilities far surpass the Internet, which has security and performance limitations because it’s open and public. Companies that are considering expanding in – or to – the cloud can be discouraged by those risks. But they need to know the Equinix Cloud Exchange doesn’t share the public Internet’s limitations, said Equinix’s Chief Technology officer Ihab Tarazi.

In testing done in an Equinix test lab, connecting through the Cloud Exchange achieved a 145 percent performance increase, versus public Internet connections.

“By utilizing direct access via the Equinix Cloud Exchange, businesses no longer have to compromise on these essential capabilities when accessing cloud providers,” Tarazi said.

Given Equinix’s history, it’s a natural home for the Cloud Exchange. More than 975 networks and 450 cloud service providers are already inside our global platform of 100 data centers. We have all the tools for interconnection, and we’ve already spent 15 years enabling connections in the most influential business ecosystems in the data center industry.

The Equinix Cloud Exchange combines the automated interconnection of the cloud with advanced service orchestration. Here’s how it works: Equinix provides exchange members with technology that enables them to manage connections to multiple cloud services in near-real time. The whole process is automated from end-to-end, which makes things easier and saves time.

Cloud Exchange also has what we call a “one port, many virtual circuits” feature. As the number of participants in the Cloud Exchange grows, service providers and consumers will always be able to connect to them over a single, physical port.


Tony Bishop, chief strategy officer at the 451 Group, parent of 451 Research and Uptime Institute, said as enterprises increasingly move to the cloud, they need a new level of interconnectivity to access multiple clouds, across multiple sites, from a broad range of networks.

“With its global datacenter footprint and extensive ecosystem of network and cloud service providers, the Equinix Cloud Exchange addresses many of the most pressing challenges holding corporate consumers back from relying on the cloud for mission-critical business, including latency, security and performance issues,” Bishop said.

Equinix Cloud Exchange is now available in 13 markets, expanding to 19 markets in 2014.