Better Cloud Access for the Enterprise as tw telecom Joins Equinix Cloud Exchange


More momentum for the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

Equinix and networking solutions provider tw telecom today announced a partnership that will use the newly introduced Equinix Cloud Exchange to make it faster and easier for businesses to get to the cloud.

The new relationship between Equinix and tw telecom gives companies access – through tw telecom’s Business Ethernet connections – to multiple clouds in nine Equinix data centers across the U.S.

That kind of interconnection is what Equinix does, with 450 cloud providers and 975 networks inside a global platform of 101 data centers.

Equinix’s ability to provide on-demand access to numerous types of clouds and connections to multiple destinations “is critical in helping our customers improve their business performance,” said tw telecom Senior Vice President of Marketing Graham Taylor.

“As more businesses embrace the adoption of cloud, integration between it and our unique Intelligent Network capabilities will ensure the delivery of elastic and predictable network solutions that are easier to manage,” Taylor said.

It will all happen on the Equinix Cloud Exchange, which Equinix launched last week in 13 markets (expanding to 19 by year’s end).

The goal of the Exchange, as Equinix’s Chris Sharp told a New York Times’ BITS blog, is to create a network of computers that’s as elastic as a single cloud service. The Exchange’s technology enables Equinix to offer direct, virtual connections in flexible and affordable increments. That allows companies to make and manage multiple connections between various cloud providers globally and build a hybrid cloud that fits their unique needs.

The partnership between Equinix and tw telecom makes connection options simple and straightforward by allowing customers to deal with a single provider and integration point for direct connection to the cloud. For instance, tw telecom’s secure Business Ethernet connection on the Equinix Cloud Exchange offers access to leading cloud providers, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute.

tw telecom’s Intelligent Network can also give customers better, faster and easier access to data and applications, right up to the network edge. TheIntelligent Network helps solve business challenges as IT environments evolve, providing real-time automation to increase productivity and efficiently manage costs. Enterprises can also flex network capacity up and down, similarly to how they currently work with cloud services.

Sara Baack, Equinix’s Chief Marketing Officer, said tw telecom’s presence is another major plus for the Equinix Cloud Exchange.

“We’re delighted to have tw telecom services available on the Equinix Cloud Exchange to offer enterprise customers another great option for connectivity to the cloud in an easy to manage and secure environment,” Baack said.

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