Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute Now Available In Equinix Data Centers; Customers Tap Benefits to Deliver Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Phil Schwarzmann


Today marks the general availability of Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute, signaling a prominent shift in how companies access cloud services. ExpressRoute is now available in Equinix IBX data centers across Silicon Valley, Washington, D.C., and London, and the service will be rolled out in 13 additional markets in Europe, Asia-Pacific and South America by the end of 2014.

Thousands of companies already use Microsoft Azure as a key component of their cloud strategy, and ExpressRoute enhances the service by ensuring customers can access the cloud with heightened security and guaranteed performance from all over the world. Our global footprint ensures that we are in close proximity to these companies, giving Microsoft all the more reason to deploy ExpressRoute within Equinix data centers.

We are thrilled to announce that Equinix customers are already connecting to ExpressRoute via the Equinix Cloud Exchange to build secure, high-performance, hybrid cloud deployments. For example, Accelera, a managed service provider focused on cloud solutions, has tapped into Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute to expand its market reach and expedite time-to-market for its customers. The Accelera case study illustrates how companies can reap the benefits of private access to the cloud with ExpressRoute and Equinix.

Secure Remote Access via Cloud Exchange and ExpressRoute

Combining data center technologies with cloud providers produces a comprehensive list of advantages. Accelera took this approach to heart when severe weather conditions hit the East Coast earlier this year, prompting many of Accelera’s clients to expand remote work environments.

“By joining the Equinix Cloud Exchange and using ExpressRoute, Accelera is able to offer custom, hybrid cloud solutions that meet each of our client’s unique needs. Azure provides the auto-scale capabilities to automatically spin-up virtual machines and add capacity without the need for purchasing new hardware, and Equinix ensures low-latency, security and reliability,” said Jim Waldrop, VP sales at Accelera Solutions.

With many applications, Accelera’s clients never know what the eventual load might be. For example, some clients may spin-up an application and discover that they need access to an Azure-hosted high capacity database. It’s critical to Accelera’s success to be nimble and assure its customers that, yes, they can support that. Azure with ExpressRoute helps make that happen.

With Azure and ExpressRoute, Accelera now offers solutions at a cost that wouldn’t be possible otherwise. For its clients, custom, hybrid cloud is a very desirable solution – they don’t want to abandon all their hardware, or turn over control of their existing systems. A hybrid cloud allows customers the flexibility to architect new solutions, and the visibility into how quickly and cost effectively they can do that.

Better Cloud Performance and Improved Economics

Microsoft is drawing in a significant number of companies with its ExpressRoute offering due to the features and capabilities it provides. Accelera witnessed these benefits first-hand:

  • Cost of a 1Gb or 10Gb connection to Azure via ExpressRoute proved to be less expensive than the cost of a typical Internet connection of comparable speed;
  • Dedicated network connectivity to Azure via ExpressRoute delivers higher performance with lower latency;
  • A private connection to Azure helps protect customer data from interception and external attacks; and,
  • Customers can deploy and scale new solutions more rapidly than traditional IT deployments.

According to Accelera’s estimates, a company that deploys a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution with Accelera and Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute is able to gain increased performance and scalability, while reducing the initial capital outlay for equipment by over $300,000 (saving a potential 20-30 percent over a five year span).

Accelera’s experience demonstrates the impact private access will have as we usher in the next stage of cloud computing. Let the rollout of ExpressRoute begin! For more information or to join the Equinix Cloud Exchange, please visit