Equinix retains mantle of Best Data Center Services Provider in Asia

Samuel Lee


Innovation is what drives our industry forward and it is also what enables companies like Equinix to consistently adapt to today’s market demands. It is because of innovation that we can solve some of the world’s most complex data challenges, and we are very grateful to be recognised for it by our industry peers.

Telecom Asia honored Equinix with the coveted award for Best Service Provider during a ceremony in Jakarta last month, in the provision of best in class data center services, covering services for both in-house and third-party users.

The Equinix team is particularly proud of this award, secured for the second year in a row, as it recognises the constant innovation that we strive to achieve. In this industry, it is not enough to keep pace with the market: instead, it’s critical to put your “futurist” hat on, developing services that will be needed in the future, not just the present. Like our fellow Telecom Asia award winners, the ability to think “what’s next?” advances innovation and stimulates invention.

In the data center arena, we are at the forefront of riding the challenges of the technology industry and the opportunities that big data management brings.



Sustainable data management is one of the key issues facing the industry and will continue to be an issue going forward, as energy resources and environmental concerns become more prevalent. Equinix prides itself in the development of merging data with environmentalism, as we began developing eco-friendly and sustainable models for data centers long before the ‘greenification’ of the industry became commonplace. And because of this, we hope to have raised the bar in what the industry should expect and demand from its providers. Over the past decade, Equinix’s operations and engineering teams have implemented comprehensive conservation and efficiency programs that include energy and water conservation, solid waste reduction, pollution prevention and recycling.

These programs have been recognised globally. Equinix’s data centers in Australia (SY3) and Hong Kong (HK2) have been awarded LEED Gold certification and all three of Equinix’s IBXs in Australia are pending NABERS certification for their sustainable practices and energy efficiency initiatives. Most recently, Equinix’s TY4 data center in Tokyo received LEED Gold certification for its reduction of power consumption and use of eco-friendly and energy efficient materials.

Another point of innovation that Equinix was recognized for is its development of business ecosystems across a variety of sectors – in other words, industry connection hubs that help to meet industry specific business needs.

For example, our financial services ecosystem is the only provider to serve the five leading financial regions in AP and is also the home to the largest collection of exchanges and trading platforms, top market data vendors, a myriad of service providers, and hundreds of buy-side and sell-side firms. This allows customers to form a broad-based marketplace of electronic trading and financial technology services that give companies the ability to connect like never before and in a secure environment.

Similarly, as the digital advertising industry has arguably changed more over the past year than any like industry, Equinix established a robust content ecosystem to meet the ad tech industry’s new needs around latency. As we’ve seen over the past few years, the ad tech world is becoming more and more like financial services, as speed, whether it be for trading or ad bidding, is of upmost importance to both industries. Now, with Equinix’s Ad-IX ecosystem that offers direct interconnections between ad exchanges, demand side platforms (DSPs), data aggregators and all other parties involved in the ad bidding process, businesses can reduce average network latency down to sub-millisecond levels allowing for quicker data analysis.

While the technology world seems developed given the amount of new tech products and innovations introduced on a weekly basis, the truth is, it’s only just beginning. With more and more technologies coming down the pipeline, we look forward to seeing what data driven solutions and innovations will be next.

The Telecom Asia Awards were presented at a gala awards ceremony on May 7 at the Mandarin Oriental Jakarta.