Gone Global: Performance Hub Hits World Stage, Offers Access to Equinix Cloud Exchange

Gone Global: Performance Hub Hits World Stage, Offers Access to Equinix Cloud Exchange


Equinix’s Performance Hub exists to make it easier for businesses to move to the cloud, but it’s only been available in North America since we introduced it this winter. That changes today, because Performance Hub is going global.

Starting now, Performance Hub will be offered at every one of Equinix’s 101 data centers.

In each of our 32 global markets over five continents, Performance Hub offers a quick, secure route to the cloud because it allows the enterprise to bypass the open Internet and directly connect to a range of cloud providers. But in 16 of those markets, Performance Hub has a little extra juice because it also offers access to the recently debuted Equinix Cloud Exchange.

The exchange’s technology enables on-demand, direct access to multiple clouds, across multiple networks worldwide. Think of it as offering a “one-to-many” cloud connection vs. a “one-to-any.” It does this by segmenting physical connections into virtualized circuits, so their bandwidth can be digitally divided and allocated. Basically, that means businesses can use the Equinix Cloud Exchange to connect to a variety cloud providers simultaneously and build a cloud that fits their unique needs.

It’s a significant advance, and already globally available in markets from Los Angeles to London to Tokyo. But more companies will soon be learning about it. The Equinix Cloud Exchange is expected to be in a total of 19 markets by year’s end.

If it seems like everything is about the cloud lately, it’s because it is. Cisco expects global cloud IP traffic to more than quadruple between 2012 and 2017, and it says that nearly two-thirds of all workloads will be processed in the cloud by 2017.

Cloud computing offers huge advantages in costs and efficiency because it essentially replaces physical computing infrastructure with software equivalents. As more companies move to the cloud, more pressure exists for other businesses to adopt the cloud, even if they are uncertain how to guarantee safe, scalable and distributed cloud connections.

According to Gartner research report, “Communications Hubs Improve WAN Performance”, published 5/14/14 and authored by Sorell Slaymaker: “Traditional enterprise WAN architectures are not well-suited for the adoption of could-based infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and SaaS solutions, due to increased latency and the cost of backhauling traffic to centralized gateways.”

With Performance Hub, an enterprise establishes an extension node of its network inside an Equinix data center. There, it can connect to the 975 networks and 450 cloud providers that are already inside Equinix. The enterprise can also use high-speed local loop or Ethernet connectivity to link its network to its branch offices and headquarters from inside Equinix.

This consolidation of wide area network and cloud connections means faster response times for business-critical applications. One Fortune 500 company that deployed Performance Hub saw a 35% reduction in latency and average application performance improvements of 25% on various cloud-based applications.

Leading global enterprises, including Chevron, eBay and Nvidia, have already established Performance Hub architectures in Equinix data centers. Equinix also has a variety of partners in North America who can help businesses build their clouds. Advocate Consulting and CFN Services are two of our consulting partners, e+ can assist with hardware procurement and deployment and Global Capacity can help with carrier selection and contract management.

Performance Hub in North America was good for the enterprise, but global availability is obviously better. And access to the Equinix Cloud Exchange can bring Performance Hub, and the enterprise, to a new level of cloud computing.

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